Y Ty Terraced Rice Fields – Mystical Beauty of Northern Vietnam
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Y Ty Village is a remote site in Bat Xat District, around 80km from Lao Cai City. In the recent years, Y Ty terraced rice fields become well-known in the photographer communities that more and more photographers come there to create artworks. The extensive, yellow terraced rice fields of Y Ty have become the hot spots for tourists worldwide, especially during the harvest season of September and October. Let’s discover together with Vietnam Local Tour Operator to know why the landscape is so attractive!

Y Ty Rice Fields, Lao Cai, Vietnam

Y Ty Rice Fields, Lao Cai, Vietnam

Terraced Rice Fields – The Admirable Gifts to Y Ty

Travel to Y Ty of Lao Cai, you will be surprised at the magical scenery of Nature, and soon wonder how such the heavenly bewitching terraced rice fields are set amidst the lush forest and picturesque valleys. Though Ban Xat District has the terraced rice fields almost everywhere, the best scenes are blessed to Y Ty, making it the attractive gem for nature lovers, photographers, and explorers all over the world. It is common that you see many photographers taking the professional pictures for their projects around this scenic village.

Some visitors do not afraid of the far distance from worldwide on Vietnam package tours to Y Ty Village, and gather there to capture the enchanting photos as well as feasting the eyes and breathing the very fresh air. The higher you stand, the more spectacular scenery that you can shoot and contemplate. While some guests admire the incomparable greenness of the forests and the magic yellow carpets of the rice fields, you might also fall in love with the interesting lifestyle of the ethnic Hmong, Ha Nhi, and Dao groups. The hill tribes are hospitable and chummy.

Y Ty Rice Fields, Lao Cai, Vietnam

Y Ty Rice Fields, Lao Cai, Vietnam

Take the Dramatic Photos of Y Ty Terraced Rice Fields

More and more corners of Y Ty Terraced Rice Fields have been being photographed and shared online, which makes this destination the tourist-known hot spot. If you reach it in September or October (the harvest time), it is no doubt that you can create hundreds of visual artworks as the mesmerizing natural scenes can awake the ingenious photographer in you. From the pictures of the incredible rice fields which might lead to heaven, to the unique shots of the Hmong ethnic people, every artwork can wow the audiences of yours.

Being famous for the beauty of both Nature and People, Y Ty is a praiseworthy and untouched destination for photography, culture exploration, and nature-friendly vacation. Together with shooting the stunning terraced rice fields, take time recording the daily activities of the ethnic groups of the Northern Vietnam. Expect to see how they weave or make cakes. With the good cameras in hand, you are sure to be able to create some artworks depicting the terraced rice fields at the foot of Fansipan Mountain in Y Ty, Lao Cai Province. Passing hundreds of years, the rice fields reflect the perfect efforts of both humankind and Nature.

Whether or not you’ve heard of or seen the pictures of Y Ty Terraced Rice Fields in Vietnam, it is a fact that this destination is best for Nature Photography. There, you find the heaven with the yellow carpets, especially in September and October, to enrich your photo albums. Also, the shooting chances are abundant from the high spot in which you can meet with the hill tribes. Y Ty Photo Shooting might sound new to some individuals who are on the quest for Vietnam beauty reflected via the terraced rice paddies. Just find your place among the mountainous and green settings to show off how excellently you can shoot.

The outstanding terraced rice fields of Vietnam in Y Ty might go beyond your expectation and guarantee you to leave the land with the admirable photo sets. Travel to Lao Cai and let Y Ty awake you to the talent of photography outdoors.

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