Vietnam is a hot destination that steals your heart with picturesque scenery, romantic rivers, impressive mountain ranges, green and lush forests, stunning beaches, etc. This country is somewhat best explored by a motorbike. During the Vietnam motorbike tours, you will be given from admiration to admiration by the marvelous landscapes in the most authentic way. However, knowing where to head for the most exciting bike tour in Vietnam can be the daunting task. Take a close look at the top 5 destinations that you should always see while visiting the S-shaped country via a bike.

#1: Mai Chau – Ideal for Vietnam Motorbike Tours from Hanoi

Located in the northwestern region of Vietnam, Mai Chau Valley is known as one of the ideal spots for the bike tours from Hanoi Capital. On this route of Vietnam bike tour, the riders’ eyebrows will be raised higher by the eye-catching scenery of the village beautified with the green hue of the terraced rice fields as well as the rows of the stilt houses. In some corners, the terraced rice fields are so stunning that you find it hard to say goodbye and leave for the next destination. If possible, it’s recommended to enjoy the homestay experience at one of the stilt houses of the friendly ethnic minorities. You are showered with lots of opportunities to taste the delicious specialties, sip the local wine, and watch the traditional folk dances as well as songs. Mingling with these activities as the locals are kind and chummy.

The terraced rice fields in Mai Chau Vietnam are in their best shapes and colors during the harvest time of September and October, and can even last to November. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that you can meet some other motorbike riders running along the routes, several photographers gathering at the ideal corners to take the best shots, and the backpackers having the picnic to relish the peace and beauty of Nature.

Yang at Indochina Charm Travel on his motobike tour to the North Vietnam

Yang at Indochina Charm Travel on his motobike tour to the North Vietnam

#2: Sapa – Perfect for Vietnam motorbike tour to the mountain

Have you ever dreamt of being surrounded by mist and foggy environment while enjoying breathtaking views along the way? Yes, we are talking about Sapa in Vietnam – one of the perfect mountainous areas for both trekking tours and motorbike tour Vietnam. With about 1600 meters above the sea level, the weather in Sapa is very cool and comfortable for the vacation all year round. Along with feasting your eyes on the glorious vista of the heavenly terraced paddy fields, you may also explore the diversity of the native culture through a few colorful markets of ethnic minorities or simply pay a visit to the locals’ houses and then learn several surprising things about their traditions and customs. If wanted, check out the ethnic groups’ markets to purchase the local items which help recall the enjoyable memories.

Since the motorbike tour around Sapa is uneasy and often sounds challenging to the beginners, make sure that you go with a tour guide or experienced bikers for the safety purpose. Sapa remains primeval, beautiful, and fresh throughout the year. So, begin the Vietnam bike tour to Sapa if there is no specific destination in your list to bike across Vietnam.

Travel to the North of Vietnam by motobike

Travel to the North of Vietnam by motobike

#3: Ha Giang – Wonderful trip for mortorbike tour in Vietnam

Located in the country’s northernmost area, Ha Giang is indeed a promising land for the top Vietnam Motorbike Tours, thanks to its incredible scenery, conical limestone peaks, flowery seasons, awesome valleys and so on! The best time to start motorcycling in the destination is between October and November when you will be mesmerized by the charming color and ravishing beauty of the pink buckwheat flowers. Furthermore, the pine trees of the Yen Minh forests also capture your heart instantly at the beginning of the travel. More interestingly, the presence of the winding pass brings you much thrilling and exciting feeling, too! In particular, Ha Giang has the legendary Ma Pi Leng Pass which greatly appeals to the experienced bikers who want to challenge themselves and see the magic of victory. Please understand that biking in Ma Pi Leng is NOT easy! In fact, some foreign bikers lose their lives when trying to conquer this Pass of Ha Giang in the unideal condition. And, Ma Pi Leng is the most challenging pass in Vietnam, with the length of 20km and lots of curving passages.

It is a challenge to try the local motobike !

It is a challenge to try the local motobike !

#4: Ho Chi Minh City – Enjoy the city tour on motorbike

Though not being as adventurous and thrilling as the mountainous destinations, Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon) is also worth the Vietnam bike tour since this bustling city is filled with the instinct history, excellent street food, and modern lifestyle. Riding by a motor around the city streets, and you may stop by some of the best food stalls and cafes and then enjoy a hot cup of coffee with ease. Don’t miss a chance to admire a number of cultural architectural masterpieces of the city, such as the Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral, Jade Emperor Pagoda, Central Post Office, Tan Dinh Church, Ben Thanh Market, etc.

The bike tour in Ho Chi Minh City is not about the marvelous scenery of the mountains, valleys, or terraced rice fields. Rather, it is about the local appetizing food, drinks, historical landmarks, and local lifestyle. But notice that Saigon often suffers the heavy traffic jam in the morning and the afternoon when locals go to work and arrive home. If you ride in Saigon, please ride with patience and tolerance.

#5: Da Lat City- Romantic landscapes for moto tour from Saigon

With the cool and fresh climate as well as imposing misty valleys, Da Lat City has made it a popular retreat in summer for the vacationers. People love riding a motor from Ho Chi Minh to Da Lat so as to enjoy a soothing ambiance and romantic panorama of landscapes. Whether you want to check in flower gardens for best photos ever, or simply ride along the Xuan Huong Lake for a peace of mind, the place will not disappoint you for sure! The spectacular and flowery terrains of Da Lat guarantees you all to bike excitingly.

So, it’s time to engage in the Vietnam motorbike tours! There is no doubt that you will gain many rewarding experiences from the interesting ride.