What to Do in Hoi An in 2 Days When You Travel to Vietnam
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Hoi An is a city full of color, light, and culture which makes it one of the most fabulous destinations in Vietnam or even in the world for the colorful lanterns. The antique town has age-old houses and shops, shining lanterns, and various historical constructions to cherish. Especially by night, the beauty of Hoi An Old Town turns magical with bewitching lanterns illuminating the sidewalks and shops. It’s impossible not to admire this beautiful town. If you have 2 days there, what to do in Hoi An? Here are the answers.

Day 1: Visit the Famous Attractions in Hoi An and Walk at Night

Most backpacker foreign guests get to Hoi An by the overnight buses, and they arrive there in the early morning. Luckily, the local people begin their days early and the streets are getting busy with shops, markets, food being prepared, etc. There, your hoi an exploration tour on foot gets started.

If you feel a little hungry, stop by the noodle cart to have a bowl of chicken noodle soups. The next step is to check in your hotel and put the luggage there if it is heavy as you’re going to see the town on foot. Come to the well-known Japanese Bridge in Hoi An and walk by various colorful houses and shops in the center of the town. Of course, you’re free to photograph. Take your time selecting the preferred restaurants to eat at for the next meals to complete your food tour in Hoi An. The next hours can be invested in relaxing on the tranquil river, exploring the alleyways, and visiting Tan Ky Old House.

When it comes to lunch, have the appetizing BBQ Vietnamese sandwich at Phuong’s Bread or a dish of special Hoi An rice with chicken. These interesting activities take an afternoon to finish, and after that, come to Morning Glory Restaurant to have dinner with “Cao Lau,” white rose dumpling, etc., and book the cooking class. End your day by walking in the Hoi An night market full of colorful lanterns and taking the dramatic pictures.

Japanese Bridge in Hoi An

Japanese Bridge in Hoi An

Day 2: Cooking Class, Bike Tour, and Beach

Grab the free bicycle at your hotel and start the second day in Hoi An with the cooking class, and you have many choices to choose from; it’s up to you. The session includes the visit to the local market to buy fresh ingredients and learn the basics of Vietnamese cuisine. Then, you practice how to cook some Vietnamese traditional dishes and enjoy the self-cooked dishes at the end.

After the cooking practices, enjoy the bike tour to Tra Que Vegetable Village. Another alternative is the Kim Bong Village. Exploring the peaceful countryside landscapes on a bike can surely make you hot and sweating. This time for swimming in the cool beach. So, bike toward An Bang Beach, around 4km down straight from the Old Town. The quiet and scenic beach helps you unwind and relax much. Some people love to relax on the beach until the late afternoon. On the beach site, you can easily find some restaurants that serve cocktails and local food.

The rest of the evening can be used to enjoy what you like most of the destination such as biking around the Old Town, shopping more, and getting immersed in the beautiful atmosphere of Hoi An. Use your opportunities to take as many photos of this UNESCO Heritage Site as possible. Hoi An is in its best beauty when the lanterns begin shining and showing their colors.

After all, the top tips for you are to get around Hoi An by bicycle during the daytime and to walk at night. It’s not easy to navigate the bikes in the busy and crowded streets at night. And when you are on the walk, watch your belongings closely!

So you have 2 enjoyable days in Hoi An, and of course, you can extend your time in this colorful destination as it’s worth the experiences. Contact sales@indochinacharmtravel.com to custom the best 2-day tour to Hoi An!

Best Things to See in Hoi An Vietnam

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