There is a long list of things to buy in Ho Chi Minh City as it’s a true mecca for the shopaholics worldwide. Most of the products are priced at a fraction of what it would cost in the foreign countries. There are more and more trendy boutiques in each corner of the city to serve the crowd of tourists greatly. So, what to buy in Ho Chi Minh City? Here are the most exciting items for your shopping adventure.

#1: Clothes and Shoes

There are many brand-name imitational clothes and shoes available in Ho Chi Minh City, sold at the fairly low price. You can find lots of local clothing stores along the Nguyen Trai Street or at Saigon Square. It’s smart to do online research about some of the stores in Nguyen Trai Street as well as the exact location of Saigon Square. Besides, Ho Chi Minh City is full of clothing retail markets and shops along almost every street.

The two streets that entirely focus on the shoe items are Ly Chinh Thang Street (selling the fashionable shoes) and the other street shoe in the outside of Ben Thanh Market, one block away from Le Loi Street (selling the sports shoes and sandals).

#2: Handbag and Luggage

Your old luggage may look too small to carry all of the newly purchased items. If so, just head to Le Lai Street between the New World Hotel and Ben Thanh Market to buy new luggage for the next exciting trip. Here, the whole street is full of luggage stores of the renowned brands namely Samsonite, Adidas, Puma, North Face, etc.

For the trendy and cute handbag or wallet, Binh Tay Market in Cho Lon and Saigon Square are the two ideal addresses. Do remember to check the quality of the straps to find the secure one!

#3: Watch

Just tell the shop owners in Binh Tay Market, Ben Thanh Market, or many other watch shops the brand of the watch that you want to buy, and you will find it. Lots of impressive imitational brand watches look good and are sold at the affordable prices. If you buy the imitations, do bargain to avoid the hefty prices. The prices for buying watches in Ho Chi Minh City are variable because some areas feature the high taxes.

#4: Handicrafts and Antiques

If interested in the Vietnamese handicrafts namely lacquerware, coconut dinnerware, bowl, plate, spoon, chopstick, handcrafted wooden boat, etc., you should visit An Dong Plaza, Ben Thanh Market, or the top floor of Saigon Tax Trade Center. These addresses offer the great bargain prices.

About the antiques, Le Cong Kieu Street (just outside Ben Thanh Market) is the paradise to find a diamond in the sea of imitations including the old stamp, money, wartime object, figurine made of ivory or bronze, etc. You must think twice when buying antiques here because it’s prohibited to export the real antiques out of Vietnam.

#5: Paintings and Fabrics

There are numerous painting stores and art galleries along the “painting streets” namely Tran Phu Street in District 5 and Bui Vien Street in District 1. Expect to find the copies or reproduction paintings of the famous art pieces in the stores or art galleries in Ho Chi Minh City.

Referring to the fabric items, you can find the tailor-made outfits easily in Tan Dinh Market, where to get the best deals of the nice fabric and various fashionable tailored creations. The prices for the fabric in the wholesale market are much lower than the retail ones. With the favorite fabric in hand, you can ask the tailor to make the garment just for you.

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