The North of Vietnam is predominantly pictured with the weekly hill-tribe markets. As the typical example, Lao Cai hosts a great number of the hill-tribe markets that run on a weekly basis. The people live in the mountainous regions will all eagerly take part in the animated markets to trade and get the favorable deals.

While some come to sell their handmade items, the others arrive at the market to buy food and any other necessary material for their family. That is the unique, cultural trait of the hill-tribe people in the northern Vietnam. And, the tourists love such trait. Nowadays, more and more guests coming to Lao Cai to photograph the exclusive weekly hill-tribe markets available. Many others are even willing to join the market, bargain, and get the expected deals. Whatever dimension you look at the markets, they are bustling, colorful and crowded.

Lao Cai Attracts The Tourists Thanks To Its Weekly Hill-Tribe Market

The markets we mention here are the hill-tribe markets that are operated seven days every week. The exclusive thing is that there are seven different markets held in seven days. It means the Monday market is surely dissimilar to the Thursday market or the Wednesday market, in terms of time, place, and content.

Such interesting fact attracts both domestic and offshore tourists to join its special weekly hill-tribe markets. Before you go on adventure to Vietnam, get informed about the schedule of the seven different weekly Hill-Tribe Markets At Lao Cai to combine with Sapa Tour.

The Seven Hill-Tribe Markets In Lao Cai

  • Monday: Ban Phiet Market

The majority of the market participants are the white Mong people who come early and get touched by the cool mist. Come to Ban Phiet on Monday, and you’ll take hundreds of colorful pictures.

  • Tuesday: Coc Ly Market

This market covers the four separated regions: brocade, mountainous product, animal, and food. Coc Ly Market is dominant with the Mong Hoa, Black Dao, and Nung. Here, you can exchange the items. Also, the hanging bridge makes up the spectacular scene.

  • Wednesday: Cao Son Market

This market is favored by the Mong, Phu La, Dao, and black Han who live in Muong Khuong town. Here, you find many regions selling fruits, vegetables, animals, local specialties. The colorful clothes are chosen to make up the lively mountainous picture.

  • Thursday: Lung Khau Nhin Market

In Lao Cai and the whole Northwest region of Vietnam, this market is beautifully dotted with the brilliant dresses, curtains, green cabbage, yellow oranges, etc. The hill-tribe gathering looks outstanding from a distance.

  • Friday: Chau Market

This is where the hill-tribe people can exchange goods and share their stories with friends. The young couples also come to find their mates in Chau Market. The local culture is preserved well here.

  • Saturday: Can Cau and Pha Long Markets

Can Cau is the biggest buffalo market in the northern provinces of Vietnam preferred by the Mong, Chinese, Giay, Nung, etc. The trading ambiance is crowded and lively. Besides, Pha Long Market is highly animated; Gau Tao festival is famously held when it approaches Tet holiday.

  • Sunday: Bac Ha, Sapa, Muong Hum Markets

Bac Ha is one of the top 10 most special markets in South Asia, and also the unique spot that has the separated region for trading horses. Sapa and Muong Hum Markets are the revenue noted with the rare forestry products.

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