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Ngoc Ha village is just like an oasis in Hanoi City. It used to be the village that grew the flowers and bonsai trees which were supplied to Hanoi. From 1992, when the living standard of people in Hanoi got much better, many rich people in the city came here to buy land for building their beautiful homes. They found it to be the ideal place to stay in Hanoi. Many people in the village sold their land and then also had the money to build their own new houses. The village changed quite a lot in appearance, but the life of the local people here is still going on like it did a hundred years ago, and there is still a very strong sense of community like in any village in Vietnam.

The walk to Ngoc Ha village will start from the village communal house located next to the lake. As in all the other villages, it is the meeting place for the people on special occasions. From here, you can have a good view of the new and modern buildings in the village. Then we can take a walk around the lake to the center of the village.

The most interesting thing when you take a walk through the village is watching and experiencing the life of the local people. Most of the houses along the main path of the village are involved in some kind of business, and things are very busy anytime of the day. Many of them are small restaurants, grocery stores, hairdresser’s shops, motorbike and bicycle repair shops or even kindergartens….. Just walk along the path, and you can really feel and see the way people live here. The people are very friendly and a little bit curious as there are not many tourists coming to this village. There will be lots of chances to interact with them on the walk as well.

At the end of the walk, there will be a surprise for you. In the middle of the lake named Huu Tiep, you can see the wreckage of a B52 that was shot down in the famous Christmas bombing of 1972. The wreckage is now a monument for the victory of Hanoi people in the famous 12 day battle called “Dien Bien Phu in the air”. Now the wreckage is lying peacefully in the middle of the lake as a famous vestige in the village.

Walking tour to Ngoc Ha Village is included in our full day Hanoi City Tour.