San Chim Bac Lieu Nature Reserve is located in Bac Lieu Province, in the Mekong Delta region. This Site has been known as an attractive bird sanctuary in which various species of birds call home. “Wild, pristine, and scenic,” the San Chim offers ideal settings for mingling with Nature, refreshing, and appreciating the natural charm.

Scientific Information about San Chim Bac Lieu Nature Reserve

  • San Chim Bac Lieu Nature Reserve is located in Vinh Thanh District, Bac Lieu Province. Its map coordinate is as follows: 9°13′ – 9°15’N, 105°43′ – 105°45’E
  • It has an area of 127 hectares.
  • Its terrace belongs to the Mekong Delta ecological agriculture region. The area has the mangrove forests and the surrounding rice fields.
  • In pursuant to the Decision No. 194/CT dated August 9th, 1986, the bird sanctuaries in Minh Hai Province (the old province which was divided into Bac Lieu and Ca Mau) were included in the list of the Special-use Forest, with an area of 500 hectares. The protected area has two separate sectors: one in Vinh Loi District of Bac Lieu, and another in Ngoc Hien and Tran Van Thoi Districts of Ca Mau (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, 1997). The sector in Bac Lieu Province was later named San Chim Bac Lieu Nature Reserve.
  • In 1997, the management board of the Nature Reserve was established. Also in this year, the Provincial People’s Committee approved the investment project for this Site with a forested area of 127 hectares.
San Chim Nature Reserve is a Bird Sanctuary in the Mekong Delta

San Chim Nature Reserve is a Bird Sanctuary in the Mekong Delta

Biology and Conservation Topics in San Chim Bac Lieu Mekong Delta

This Bac Lieu Nature Reserve is the largest bird sanctuary in the Mekong Delta region. The regional greenness is highlighted with the mangrove forests and other natural vegetable types of Lumnitzera racemose and Phoenix paludosa. The cultivated forests include Thespesia populnea and Acacia auriculiformis which are scattered among the shrubs Wedelia biflora. Besides, the area covers the grasslands inundated according to the flood season, resulting in the small scatter.

San Chim Bac Lieu is home to the water birds that make their nests in groups. This preserves one of the most important ecological environments in the Mekong Delta River region. Especially, the sanctuary protects the little Phalacrocorax fuscicollis. In 1999, it was recorded 930 individuals of Phalacrocorax fuscicollis in this Site, which held over 3% of this species in the world. Therefore, San Chim Bac Lieu Mekong Delta was inscribed as one of the most critical bird sanctuaries in Vietnam (Tordoff 2002).

About the conservation matters, this Site is disturbed by the local residences’ activities. The surrounding area of the Site has the high population density which puts pressure on the natural resources inside the Nature Reserve. More than 300 households overexploit the forest and make it the fish-raising ponds. This drives birds to lose their nests and shelters as well as damaging the biodiversity. In order to limit the threats, it is necessary to take better control to stop activities of the bird hunting and deforestation. Also, it demands strategies to increase the local income as well as their environmental awareness.

You can find some rare birds at San Chim Bac Lieu Nature Reserve

You can find some rare birds at San Chim Bac Lieu Nature Reserve

Tourism in San Chim Bac Lieu

With Vietnam Tourism, this is an attractive tourist site in not only Bac Lieu province but also the whole Mekong Delta region, which calls nature lovers and everybody that loves bird watching. The green, peaceful, and scenic landscape of the Bac Lieu bird sanctuary will empower you to put the city stress behind the back, and cherish every moment of joy and freedom. Roaming around the Site, you’re likely to find the birds’ eggs on the ground and see the large birds with the 2m wing and 10kg weight, and more. Befriend the birds when you travel to San Chim Bac Lieu!