Let’s say you’re a country lover and willing to explore Mekong Delta regions. If so, why not go see Vinh Long tourist destination? Believe in our words, the land of fishing will give you the closest look into the countryside life and activities. Whether or not you have heard the name of Vinh Long previously, this following bit of information is to convince you of this destination’s friendly charm and chummy welcome.

An Overview of Vinh Long Tourist Destination

Vinh Long Province is settled in the Mekong River Delta in the south of Vietnam. Its capital is also named Vinh Long. Just about 135km southwest of Ho Chi Minh City (formerly called Saigon), this destination is easily reached by car, van, and even bus using National Road A1 and crossing the My Thuan Bridge as well. Thanks to the advantageous geography (situated between the Hau and Tien Rivers) in the heart of Mekong Delta, this province houses the rich resources of freshwater fish, so it is best famous for fishing.

If you feel curious about the land’s famous aqua species, the answers for you are prawns, Basa and Tra catfish. While the water of Vinh Long is perfect for freshwater fish, its soil is fertile enough to grow numerous exotic and tasteful fruits. Some of the best examples are the interesting-shaped mangosteen, pungently fragrant durian, and spikey rambutan. Due to the widespread networks of waterways in Vinh Long, it’s feasible to sell various fruits or any other items to the huge water-based gathering of floating merchants. And to the tourists, this makes up the exciting backgrounds for the most dynamic photos ever.

Travel to Vinh Long and What to Expect

Though Vinh Long cannot be the best option for your tour package, traveling to this tourist destination definitely helps make you happy, stay closest to nature, and rest in a peaceful ambiance without any stress or dump. And if you choose Vinh Long as your next destination to explore, please expect to travel by water as this is the very common practice in this region. Most of the grocery shopping and restaurants are on small islets around which are accessed merely by boat. Please note that tourism infrastructure in Vinh Long is still in its infancy, but there offer the complete sets of comfortable accommodations and the finest foods.

In Vietnamese history, Vinh Long Province has gone through several of mergers and divisions. And now, it is an independent province including one city and 5 districts as Long Ho, Vung Liem, Binh Minh, Tam Binh, and Tra On. As already noted, Vinh Long is a land of fishing, where you can easily see how the locals catch fish with various regional tools. There fishing techniques are rich enough to hold your interest long and permanent. If you really want to give this a try, be confident to ask the fishermen to teach you the way to fish in the freshwater region, and also place traps beneath the water. When you can successfully catch the fish, snap such interesting moments, and share with your friends. Be a fisherman for a moment so that you stay fresh and new in the rest of life!