Vinh Long in Vietnam is one of the most remarkable destinations of the country. While some travelers say this province is famous for fishing, the others appreciate the local orchards, pagodas, and Truong An Tourist Area. Whatever, you should at least once travel to Vinh Long!


About Vinh Long in Vietnam

Vinh Long is situated in the Mekong Delta in the south of Vietnam. Its capital also has the same name: Vinh Long. Numerous canals run through this province, making it perfect for agriculture and fishing. The province has the gifts of the freshwater fish. Vinh Long is around 135km from Ho Chi Minh City to the southwest. The province is connected to the others via the impressive My Thuan Bridge. This landmark shares the borders with Can Tho, Tien Giang, Dong Thap, TraVinh, Hau Giang, and SocTrang. Its terrace is divided by the Tien and Hau Rivers, with numerous intricate canals, the fertile soil, the lush orchards, the busy floating markets, and the traditional handicraft villages. In Vietnam Tour Packages, the day trip to Vinh Long is just perfect for anybody that admires the green and quiet countryside.

Three women wearing conical hats sit on a boat preparing pineapples for sale at the Cai Be floating market near Vinh Long, Vietnam

What to See and Do in Vinh Long

AnBinh Island

As its name implied, An Binh Island is where to find peace and tranquility. Taking a boat trip to this island, the travelers get opportunities to join the daily life activities with the friendly locals. Also, you might want to experience the homestay choice, cycle around the villages, join the cooking sessions, and listen to the folk-songs at night. Unmistakably, An Binh Island covers no stress; it also has places for harmony and relaxation. Just enjoy your true vacation!

Historical Sites and Van Thanh Temple

Vinh Long owns lots of significant pagodas, temples, and communal houses that might be worth your visit. For your reference, please consider Van Thanh Temple, TienChau Pagoda, and Long Thanh Communal House. These are all the antique tourist highlights in Vinh Long, although they are not popular to the travelers. But none can deny their long-lasting presence and significance in the local beliefs. In particular, Van Thanh Temple was erected in 1864 and dedicated to Confucianism. If you are one of the history and culture lovers, then come here to learn about these delicate subjects in Vinh Long!

Truong An Tourist Area

Truong An is the “ecotourism garden” that Vinh Long can feel proud of, arguably. In this tourist area, there stand out the natural landscape, the evergreen orchards, the impressive villas, and the big restaurant. There is also the amusement park serving numerous facilities like swimming pools, Water Park, and tennis courts. Once built, Truong An Tourist Area becomes the hot venue for both the local people and the visitors to gather for relaxation and joy. Some of the largest provincial events have been celebrated there.

Local Floating Market

With the extensive networks of waterways, Vinh Long owns the so-called floating markets in which the merchants sell their fruits, fish, and many other items. You might love to do shopping in the floating gatherings and taking photos of the vibrant scenery. Each merchant’s boat will have the products hung on the bamboo stick that tell you what is available for sales.

Mekong River Cruises to Vinh Long

Vinh Long is one of the most appealing destinations for the Mekong River Cruises. The cruise trip ensures the passengers to feast the eyes on the green landscape, the calm river, and the friendly locals that smile with them even from afar. So, based on your budget and interest, just pick up the most favorite Mekong Cruises that run to Vinh Long as well as other provinces! The boating experience is full of comfort and joy. Vinh Long itself is competent for cruising.


The water of Vinh Long has the abundance of fish. Besides, the residents take fish raising as their traditional custom. As a result, you will see many floating houses here which function as both home and the place to raise fish. The long-lasting availability of these houses makes up the compelling background that only a few Mekong Delta destinations have to compare. Such scenery might be unfamiliar and interesting to the new guests. Then, in Vinh Long, you can try fishing in either day or night. In most cases, the travel agents will arrange it in advance so that the tourists can become a fisherman one day or for a while!

The Little Islets

Know that most of the tourist sites and grocery shops are scattered in the little islets that make boating the common practice in Vinh Long. Some sites are only accessible by boats. Though there are good roads and bridges, many people prefer boating as the experience is different.

Local Orchards

With the fertile land and constant water supply, Vinh Long owns numerous lush orchards. The outstanding addresses for you should be the gardens at An Binh Island and BinhHoaPhuoc Island. The fruits in these two islands have the appetizing tastes and the variety of fruit kinds. As usual, the travelers love to walk amongst the trees, rest in the hammocks, and then enjoy their favorite fruits like rambutan, starfruit, durian, mangosteen, etc. The experience is truly relaxing! What’s more, before you leave, just buy some!

Local Traditional Villages

Vinh Long is one of the oldest cradles to see the traditional villages for making rice paper, vermicelli, and coconut candy. For the how-to of these specialties, do research about these communities to arrive at the right ones! You might even ask the knowledgeable tour guides or the passerby inhabitants.


How to Get to Vinh Long

By Road

VinhLong is around 130km from Ho Chi Minh City, so traveling by road is the best option to get there. The bus/coach trip is quick and comfortable. That is why many travelers prefer the one-day trip to Vinh Long from Ho Chi Minh City. Otherwise, ifyou start from Can Tho, know that the distance between Can Tho and Vinh Long is 40km. If you want to save time traveling from Ho Chi Minh City to Vinh Long, then there is an exciting alternative: You take the flight to Can Tho Airport and transfer by road to Vinh Long with arrangement by a Local Travel Agency in Vietnam.

By Boat

Boating is the other great channel to visit Vinh Long. The Mekong River Cruise companies offer lots of cruise tour packages from Ho Chi Minh City to the other provinces of Mekong Delta, and of course, including Vinh Long. As mentioned above, the cruise trip to Vinh Long is one of the highlights to do.


When to Visit Vinh Long

Floating market vietnam Song Tien – Vinh Long

Though people say Vinh Long is ideal for all-year-round Mekong Delta Tours, it has the average temperature of 27 Celsius degrees, and the two distinct seasons.

  • December to April: These are the dry months in Vinh Long that shower the land with the comfortable and constant sunlight. Also, this period marks the celebration of the spring and several national festivals.
  • May to November: These are the rainy months in Vinh Long, while the period between May and August is the beginning time of the rain season. Some light rain might come, but it does not influence the boat trips. The intricate canals and rivers become most accessible and bustling. About the best time to visit Vinh Long, they might fall into May, June, and July.


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