Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival 2017 in Tuyen Quang City with Giant Lanterns
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Tuyen Quang City this year welcomes the impressively enjoyable Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival with various giant and interestingly shaped lanterns, starting on the evening of September 30th, 2017. This is one of the greatest events in the destination that attract both local and international participants, of course including many children. The kids together enjoy the fascinating Mid-Autumn Festival which leaves the beautiful phase of their lives. Get full tips on Mid-Autumn Festival in Tuyen Quang by Vietnam Travel Blog here !

Tuyen Quang Celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival with Giant and Colorful Lanterns

In the evening of September 30th, 2017, people in Tuyen Quang City altogether enjoyed the Mid-Autumn Festival with concurrent parades of 60 enormous lanterns on Nguyen Tat Thanh Street. This made the whole festive region shining and energetic. The models joined the parade amidst the enthusiastic atmosphere crowded with both locals and guests. There stood out several models of lanterns being in shapes of Buffalo, Bird, Dragon, Fish, Turtle, Rabbit, etc. Most of the lanterns were in the giant sizes and colorful decorations. Especially, each model could embody a message, moral story, dream, and emotion.

This year, the Tuyen Quang Mid-Autumn Festival filled with the big parade of the shining and enormous lanterns made by the locals could impress the crowds. Every participant would love to take pictures of the giant bird-shaped lanterns while some others spent time relishing the moral story of The Rabbit and The Turtle, the fairytale of Thanh Giong, or the well-known Dong Son Bronze Drum from the miniatures of lanterns. Wherever the movable lanterns come, the children enjoyed dancing and even singing. Without a doubt, this festival of 2017 in Tuyen Quang could draw thousands of visitors to the northern spots, and some even said that the whole city was shining on the mid-autumn.

On the middle of the 8th Lunar Month every year, the locals start making the special lanterns to welcome the mid-autumn. Know that this outstanding activity is a part of the Tuyen Quang City Festival 2017 (from September 30th to October 4th, 2017). In fact, Tuyen Quang City Festival used to be inscribed by the Guinness Vietnam as the Festival with the most and biggest lanterns in Vietnam. This year, the lanterns were said to be largest and most impressive in compared to the ones of the previous years.

Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival 2017 in Tuyen Quang City with Giant Lanterns

Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival 2017 in Tuyen Quang City with Giant Lanterns

The Annual Tuyen Quang City Festival

The Tuyen Quang City Festival is held every year, aiming to promote the image of the land and people to the tourist communities in the world. The city is famous for various historical sites and culture of the ethnic minority groups. In the big aspects, not only does this annual event serve as the mid-autumn celebration for the kids, but it is also the significant cultural and social occasion as well as the special tourism product to attract the visitors from all corners. The destination’s cultural identities shown via the colorful and giant lanterns can interest both domestic and overseas guests.

According to the locals, the incredible mid-autumn festival in Tuyen Quang is derived from the recreational needs of the local children. At the beginning, there were only a few communes that made the lanterns. Then, the practice was made popular to the whole city and the neighboring districts. Nowadays, the models of lanterns become more and more impressive and meaningful. Some miniatures can even move slightly, fume, throw water, and express the meaningful lessons.

Mid-autumn festival in Tuyen Quang City, Vietnam

Mid-autumn festival in Tuyen Quang City, Vietnam

With the colorful and animated parade of the giant lanterns, Tuyen Quang City turns to be the ideal travel destination in Vietnam to enjoy the exciting Mid-Autumn amidst the happy children and the delighted adults. The travel to Tuyen Giang brings your children one of the most meaningful Mid-Autumn Festivals ever while you get the peerless enjoyment and sweet memories in Vietnam.

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