As a safe and attractive destination, Vietnam tourism 2021 is still hit by the damage of the COVID-19 pandemic more or less. On a par with other famous tourist destinations, the country is trying its very best to persuade and attract vacationers to spend their holidays there in a sound way. If you’re thinking of traveling to Vietnam in coming season, it’s time to be informed more about the country’s status and make your own decision of whether to fly in this year.

The COVID-19 Pandemic Upsets Vietnam Tourism

The deadly COVID-19 as well as the increasing positive cases in the community negatively influenced operations of the hospitality services in Vietnam. Not only airlines but also hotels, restaurants, and tour agents have been all being disturbed by the ongoing coronavirus disease. In particular, it went through the national isolation in April 2020 and quarantine of Da Nang in late July 2020 that warned the whole nation to be on the lookout for the virus. Once the first wave of coronavirus pandemic in Vietnam was over (from 23 January to 24 July), the second wave (from 25 July to ongoing) still requires all Vietnamese and visitors to take the medical precautions and travel restrictions carefully, namely wearing a face mask in any public place and using hand sanitizer, but the restrictions begin to ease.

The lower number of incoming tourists is the consequence of the pandemic attack. Being hit hard by the outbreak, many tourist attractions in Vietnam like museums, entertainment parks, sports venues, eco-tourism places, etc., were sometimes closed because of the negative waves and the risks of the coronavirus spread in the community. Also, in 2020, foreign arrivals dropped more than 80%, domestic travels reduced above by 34%. Generally, it can be said that Vietnam can keep its image as a safe destination against the deadly virus thanks to the effective response.

Hanoi Old Quarter is very quiet during Covid-19 time

Hanoi Old Quarter is very quiet during Covid-19 time

Vietnam Domestic Tourism Run Promotions from 2020 to 2021

To encourage Vietnam domestic tourism, tour agents begin introducing numerous attractive promotions and discounts on even the expensive services, which become affordable to almost all. For instance, the two-way flight tickets from Ho Chi Minh City to Phu Quoc Island seem to be cheaper than ever now. Moreover, holidaymakers can even stay at the luxury hotels on the island, within the appealing combos. The campaign programs work, and many domestic travelers take their trips to relax, especially after months of quarantine at homes.

In that sense, there are combos and campaigns for tourists to take the benefits of “having more and paying less.” The idea of tourism despite the pandemic works for somebody who eagerly takes advantage of the promotional airline offers. Going on a tour will be perfectly safe in Vietnam as long as you follow the rules and take precautions against the virus. And, remember to take two-week self-quarantine requirements upon arrival or return from travel. Cited by global media as applying one of the best-organized epidemic control programs in the world, Vietnam is confident in offering safe and happy experiences to anyone who pays her a visit.

If you question about the top safe picks to reward yourself with a relaxing vacation, come to explore the wonderful Da Lat, Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay, Phu Quoc Island, Sapa, Ha Giang, etc., and the world-class sites like JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, Fansipan Legend, InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, and Ba Na Hills… or high-end class services like Halong Bay seaplane or helicopter tours.You might hear a quote that “everybody can be a millionaire in Vietnam” because it’s quite cheap there. And now, services are being run with discounts that make tours more and more appealing to travelers.

Vietnamese tourists travel with Indochina Charm Travel

Vietnamese tourists travel with Indochina Charm Travel

Vietnam Inbound Tourism Wait on the World Status

The widespread outbreaks in the United States and European countries cause Vietnam inbound tourism to be put on the waiting status. International flights become restricted and even impossible due to the attempts to prevent the coronavirus outbreaks. While waiting for the COVID-19 vaccine development, people are afraid of traveling abroad, particularly to the countries with the reported cases.

While waiting for the world to win back stability and safety and for the airlines to open again, international travel should be put under consideration. In the meantime, looking for reliable tour agents to receive information and support can help a lot. This way, you can travel far and away in a prepared manner. Knowledge in hand is always helpful, and Indochina Charm Travel is the top agent to work with. This company opens its services to the Vietnamese right now, maintains its operations, and introduces new tour routes to international visitors. What’s more, the foreign agency partners would receive heartfelt support from Indochina Charm Travel. The agent is strengthening its workforce to ensure that everything should be alright and ready when the international flights are open.

Indochina Charm Travel Team on an inspection trip in Jan 2021

Indochina Charm Travel Team on an inspection trip in Jan 2021

Travel to Vietnam in 2021 – Tips and Tools

Going through a dull period hit by the disease, Vietnam is trying all her best to recover tourism sectors and winning back tourists’ affection. With the beautiful tourist attractions, yummy food, a wide choice of hotels and guesthouses, friendly people, and especially the effectively-organized epidemic control programs against the COVID-19, the country will keep you safe and pleased. Last but not least, before you fly, getting a bit of information about its weather can help. While January – April is ideal for traveling to the north to behold the photogenic landscape and join the colorful festivals, May – September is perfect for a beach vacation or highland retreat, and October – December is great for nature exploration.

Vietnam tourism 2021 promises to have many new attractive programs and promotional prices after Covid-19. You might travel on upon international flights open. Thinking of this safe and charming country whenever the idea of going out and far comes to your mind. Travel to Vietnam in 2021 would be awesome for anybody that enjoys the campaign prices and combos which were too expensive to reach in previous years. May this year bring you the opportunities to explore the top luxury of the country and merrily fill your life pages with an abundance of happiness, fun, and excitement.