Vietnam Responsible Travel

vietnam responsible travel

Responsible Travel combines vacation travel with volunteer service at the visited destination. It is an exciting new way for world travelers to experience an international destination while sharing their knowledge and volunteering their time for projects that directly benefit the local community and its people. This new concept is getting more and more popular, and we are very proud to be one of the first companies in Vietnam to organize this new product. We aim to provide travelers with an opportunity to not only enjoy their travels but also to help needy people and communities through volunteer activities. You will be doing truly charitable work while traveling. In Vietnam Responsible Travel, travelers can contribute their own material and talent resources as they volunteer their services to the people residing at the visited locations. In this way you can enhance the people-to-people relationships between travelers and the locals. In their work, travelers can experience life as it truly is, something which cannot be discovered on even an excellent guided vacation tour. A normal itinerary may provide travelers with memories of natural beauty, cultural character, food and leisure time activities, but volunteer work will surely leave a lasting impression of the location and its people whom you have met and helped. This new purpose for traveling will hopefully be a reason to come back again and again.

How is voluntourism in Vietnam ?

The volunteer work can be very diverse and flexible. You might give water buffaloes to some poor families, deliver bicycles and wheelchairs to disabled and needy people, build houses for poor local people needing shelter, provide workshops on generating income for the disabled, and many more such activities which will help preserve the unique cultural value of the ethnic minorities. The traveler is directly involved in this volunteer work as part of the tour. Youth can share with students by playing creative games or giving instruction in the English language. Dentists can provide dental screening and treatment. Doctors can do medical examinations in the field and provide public healthcare workshops. Talented workers can teach professional techniques to local laborers. These are just a few of the options. Armed with only goodwill and enthusiasm, any traveler can find appropriate ways to give volunteer help to others. And your trip will be much more meaningful and memorable when you can give back to the world in which you travel.

If you interested in Vietnam responsible travel, just inform us the time you have, the activities and destinations you want to experience during your trip, we will customize in to you itinerary to be suitable with your time, your budget and your trip to Vietnam.

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