While Lan Ha Bay Vietnam itself owns pristine and breathtaking nature of beaches, islands, and islets, its neighboring attraction of fishing villages, namely Viet Hai Fishing Village, help perfect the cruise itinerary. The nature-friendly biking on the countryside road and amiable cultural experience in the village can turn out to be the sweet memories that might be hard to get elsewhere. There must be a reason why vacationers appreciate relaxing moments in this traditional village, so read on to know what you can expect.

About Viet Hai Fishing Village

Viet Hai Fishing Village is nestled on Cat Ba Island, Cat Hai District, Hai Phong Province, Vietnam. The village is a small part of the protected Cat Ba National Park, which helps secure its serenity, culture, and ecotourism. It has an area of around 141 hectares. Also, the hamlet is bordered by forested mountains, which seems to isolate it from the bustling city life. So, you can expect to meet the very-friendly villagers who preserve their culture, hospitality, and tradition. There are around 80 households in the village, and they are all the native residents of Halong Bay. In general, their major livelihoods are about fishing, farming, raising animals, and alcohol making.

The village is perfect for ecotourism and cultural experiences. You can enjoy biking on the village road and contemplate the countryside peace. It is easy to expect to meet the local people who smile sweetly at their guests. You will meet the wooden house with the thatch roof that is furnished with basic Vietnamese tables, chairs, baskets, water urns, ceramics, etc. In front of the house, there display the stone mortars which might not exist in other villages influenced by the city and tourism winds.

Viet Hai Fishing Village for Eco Biking

Viet Hai Fishing Village for Eco Biking

Lan Ha Bay Cruise to Viet Hai Fishing Village

Located in the heart of Cat Ba National Park, Viet Hai Fishing Village urges trekkers to enjoy 17km trekking through the jungle to the village. Or, from Beo tourist pier, you can take a private boat to the village. Another fantastic way is the Lan Ha Bay Cruise Booking which includes Viet Hai village in the sailing itinerary of 3 days 2 nights, and you will disembark at Viet Hai harbor. This off-the-beaten-track hamlet has a green and peaceful landscape to feast your eyes.

During the trekking or biking trips, you’re likely to meet the local farmers who are working on the rice paddies beside the water buffalos – a scene that is quite strange to the city girls or boys. So if you’re seeking for some moments to be clear of the urban hustle and bustle, the travel to Viet Hai Fishing Village is a remedy to the soul and the mind. You will enjoy the hospitable and welcoming characteristics of the locals as well as the soothing landscape of peace and greenness. In this poetic shelter, take your opportunities to learn about the long-lasting fishing tradition, try mountain and countryside biking, enjoy sightseeing the rice fields, and befriend with the chummy villagers.

Bordered by the sea, the forest, and the limestone mountains, Viet Hai fishing village remains pristine, poetic, and cultural than almost any fishing hamlet of northern Vietnam. It offers the sought-after settings for everybody to stay away from the urban stress, but instead, to immerse in the peaceful and original shelter where the shelter is real. That is why people nowadays choose to spend time in this village as an ecotourism site that they don’t expect luxurious resorts or dynamic streets, but peace, friendliness, and beautiful nature. Homestay in Viet Hai also attracts the backpackers to stay for days so that they get cultural experiences, enjoy sporty outdoor activities like biking, and get to know the local lifestyle.