Phu Quoc in Vietnam is not a new name for most of the beach lovers. Located in Kien Giang Province, this island owns lots of interesting attractions for a beachholiday, with the unspoiled sandy beaches and blue-crystal waters. The remoteness also brings the private feel, making this a flawless spot to relax and recharge your batteries. For you to save some dollars during Vietnam tour packages, consider 5 valuable experiences in Phu Quoc for low cost travel.

#1: Relax with Mud Bath in Galina

After a full-day discovery, let’s check in Galina Mud Bath & Spa to be treated as prestigious guests. The astonishing construction, attentive staff, and ideal harmony with nature all make this place perfect to enjoy deeply relaxing moments. Especially, having been directly obtained from the mines in Ninh Hoa (Khanh Hoa Province), the best mud is chosen by centrifugal technology and carefully processed by sun rays to ensure the best quality of the mud. Mud bath helps to detoxify and cleanse your body, resulting in a healthy skin. Getting a mud bath there also allows you to truly unwind with the pleasant feeling of your body floating in the smooth mud.

#2: Visit Vinpearl Safari

Another great activity forlow cost travel inPhu Quoc is in Vinpearl Safari, where to see the wildlife, have a picnic, and go for a trek in the forest. There are two main areas in the park: Open Zoo and Safari Park, which let you meet various kinds of animals. Situated at Long Beach, Safari Park covers the area of 500 hectares, housing black-and-white ruffed lemur, white lion, Arabian oryx, Bengal tiger, white tiger, etc. Open space and wonderful atmosphere give the wildlife the wonderful houses. All will surely linger on tourists’ memory for a long time.

#3: Explore Finger nail Island (Hòn Móng Tay)

A MongTay-May Rut Islet Tour is what you should try without spending much money. MongTaygains its reputation as a pristine and uninhabited islet. The oversea tourists find this place ideal for wonderful outdoor activities, like swimming, camping, or exploring deeply the wilderness. Although the beach is small that stretches about 300 meters only, white sand and crystal water still steals hearts of the pickiest travelers.

After swimming, you should not miss scuba diving to cherish the extremely rich coral ecosystem in brilliant colors. If lucky, you’re quite able to watch the sky turning coral pink and the sun slowly going down. It is a nice sight to behold and take imposing photos.

#4: Discover Jungles by Jeep

The adventurers find it hard to say NO to discovering jungles by Jeep after checking Phu Quoc Island. Whether you love the green and luxuriant vegetation of forests or try getting lost in bare cajuput fields, this tour promises to bring lots of joy. Also, find the ways to reachlocal fishing villages that preserve the untouched and pristine beauty, such as RachVem village, Rach Tram village, GanhDau village, etc. You are warmly welcomed by hospitable residents. Don’t skip a chance to sample seafood at unbelievable costs.

#5: Unwind Together with Unimaginable Seafood Party

A trip to the island is incomplete without seafood. Be satisfied with a variety of dishes made from fresh and succulent seafood. From raw herring salad and flower crabs, boletus soup and fried squids with fish sauce, the Phu Quoc Seafood offers different terrific flavor. Besides, you can also dazzle your loved ones by specialties like Melaleuca mushroom, Phu Quoc mat cat sticky rice cake, Phu Quoc fish sauce, Phu Quoc pepper, ThanhCa mango and so on!

If you are on a tight budget but still fond of a trip to the island, let’s travel to Phu QuocIsland now. Carry out these 5 activities inPhu Quoc which is low-cost yet much valuable and exciting.

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