If you’re about to go see Vietnam, know that this country housing a considerable number of UNESCO World Heritages! Beside the naturally gifted enchantment valued worldwide, Vietnam is proudly recognized by UNESCO with the 3 sets of heritages. And if you’re keen on this subject, let us give you a complete Vietnam travel guide over the nation’s Historical and Cultural Heritages, Natural World Heritage Sites, in plus with the Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. All of these prides give Vietnam a full competence to stand out as one of the greatest tourist destinations on Earth.

Historical and Cultural Heritages in Vietnam

With the unique and pride history, Vietnam was gloried in the 3 UNESCO Historical and Cultural Heritages, including My Son Sanctuary, Hue Imperial City, and Hoi An Ancient Town. Long before being recognized by UNESCO, these historical and cultural sites have played the significant roles in the Vietnamese’s self-esteem.

My Son Sanctuary is an immense complex of religious relics including over 70 architectural works. It is a holy land and a must-visit attraction in Central Vietnam for its unique architecture and ancient culture, where people come to learn, contemplate, and explore. Near the holy sanctuary, there stands Hoi An Ancient Town – a big pride of the Vietnamese, which has been kept as a decent and quiet town for historical merits. When staying in Hoi An, the tourists can stop by many traditional villages and enjoy the tasty traditional foods, giving you a feel of going back to the Vietnamese old countryside society. A bicycle tour around the ancient town is good enough to refresh your mind in a slow-pace life. Then, Hue Imperial City, a precious monarchic monument of Vietnam from 19th century, where directs you to look back at the past of Vietnamese monarchy.

Natural World Heritage Sites in Vietnam

Vietnam greatly stores two Natural World Heritages Sites. While Halong Bay is the wonderful masterpiece of natural creator for the best sightseeing and cruising tours ever , Phong Nha-Ke Bang Park is ranked the paradise of grottoes and home of numerous species of precious plants, which attract a great deal of tourists, researches, and explorers in a year-round visit. These two natural wonders are the existing paradises and if you haven’t visited one of them, you haven’t been to Vietnam.  In fact, no word can fully describe their natural beauty and you’d better come to self-evaluate them!

Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in Vietnam

In this kind of UNESCO recognition, Vietnam has two elites: The Cultural Space of Gong in the Central Highlands and the Royal Refined Music (Nha Nhac) of Hue. Know that the Gong culture has broken the national borders to be admitted as a property or masterpiece of mankind. Meanwhile, Nha Nhac of Hue was praised by UNESCO for its elegance. It is the only national royal music in Vietnam, which was performed on nearly 100 different ceremonies and designed to show respect to Gods and Kings. Once recognized, the Royal Refined Music performances have been done in France, Belgium, etc., nowadays and are strongly appreciated by the foreign audiences and art-culture experts. And if you set foot on Hue, remember to indulge your eyes with this excellent royal music performance!

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