Vietnam Day Tours

Touring to Vietnam is one of the best decisions ever made by you. And if you’re now staying in this beautiful country, it’s the very good luck. The photogenic landscape in Sapa, peaceful streets of Hoi An, picturesque natural seascape of Halong Bay, romantic Nha Trang beaches, idyllic flavor of Mekong Delta, etc., are called the very best of Vietnam.

In fact, there are various exciting and colorful tour packages for every guest to experience. Just have a quick look at our best suggested tours below and opt for the options that you feel interested in. Your time in Vietnam is entertained and promoted greatly with the nice offers of Vietnam Day Tours. The 1-day tours are fully based on the tourists’ needs and wants. Just call us and we will handle the rest for you. Every tourist wants to have a dream holiday and our Vietnam day tours promise to bring you numerous joys and stories to share with friends.

An example of this kind is Hoi An City Tour, which allows you to witness the tranquil streets and essentials of Hoi An – the UNESCO Historical and Cultural Heritage. A day trip to Hoi An is the walking tour (or biking tour) letting you discover the real charm of the ancient town. It gives you the different tastes as you find almost anything about Vietnamese history and culture in this heritage site. Besides, please don’t miss the engaging names of Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta, Hanoi, Halong Bay, Da Lat, etc. The day tours operated in these tourist destinations will be the very special additions to your Vietnam holidays and vacations. Luckily, the Vietnam Day Tours are fully customizable to meet the tourists’ group size as well as travel interests!

This trip can provide you the best discovery of Mekong Delta within a day. We will take you to the truly Mekong Delta on this day trip and provide you the best chance to experience the daily life and activities of local people.

Another exclusive discovery feature of Indochina Charm Travel. Tho Ha was a village famous for making terracotta in the past, and you will still see the relics of this handicraft everywhere, especially as the material (defective terracotta products) used by local people to build their houses. Now the village is very famous for making rice paper and its traditional 400 year old temple and pagoda. After a beautiful home hosted lunch with a local family in Tho Ha, you will visit Bat Trang, the most famous pottery village in Vietnam, before returning to Hanoi.