Vietnam Adventure Tours

Go see a different Vietnam with our suggested Vietnam Adventure Tours! As an adventurer, you should always tour with a clear head and the brave spirit. Your Vietnam exploration will never lack a sense of excitement since this radiant country has a wide variety of activities for everybody to try and evaluate. From the mountainous regions up North to the widespread green rice fields in the South and numerous beaches alongside, Vietnam has the full competence to satisfy visitors of all age, class, and gender.

A collection of Adventure Tours in Vietnam from 5 days to 16 days are something everybody needs in order to see the real light and charm of this country. Actually, you’re free to enjoy cycling or biking, trekking, mountain climbing, scuba diving, kite surfing, and many more. Sapa Adventure Tour is among the most engaging options that the so-called adventurers can experience right in Vietnam.

Under the umbrella term of Vietnam Mountain Holidays, many tour packages in the mountains and highlands are perfect for the adventurous travellers who are in dire need of discovering the wild nature, traditional culture, and daily life of the minority groups.
How about Vietnam trekking tours? Vietnam is gifted with the endless terrace fields, spectacular village concealed behind the magnificent hills, Fansipan peak, silver waterfall, etc., which surely win the heart of all trekking lovers. If you’re craving for the most thrilling trekking tours ever, just tell us and opt for Vietnam trekking tours! Vietnam Adventure Tours are perfect for all wandering souls and if you’re among the venturesome backpackers, browse our pages and experience the most preferred option right away!

7-Day North East Vietnam Adventure Tour will cover the North East area of Vietnam with beautiful destinations such as Ba Be Lake, Ban Gioc Waterfall and Halong Bay. The beautiful drive with spectacular mountain scenery, visit different hill tribes on the way, indulge yourself in great nature can make your trip to be unforgettable.

This trip has been specially designed for the best and most reasonable itinerary for ecologic tour in the North of Vietnam in 16 days. You will have allots chances to discover the great nature of Vietnam in 3 different national parks as well as indulge yourself in great scenery and people in mountain area in the North and legendary Halong Bay.

This is new product of Indochina Charm Travel specially designed for people who like home stays. Within 7 days, you can visit Mai Chau - the beautiful valley of Thai people, and Sapa - the famous Hill Station at the elevation of 1600m. Enjoy an impressive home hosted lunch at Duong Lam - the ancient village in the Red River Delta. Experience home stays in the local homes of the Thai in Mai Chau and Giay and the Tay people in Sapa. The peaceful and romantic stay at Ecolodge Resort can be a nice conclusion to the trip.

8-Day North West Vietnam Adventure Tour is the most scenic trip in the mountain area of Vietnam. On this trip you will have a great time discovering the beautiful town of Sapa; driving over Hoang Lien Son and Pha Din, the two most spectacular passes in Vietnam; taking pictures of breathtaking rice filled terraces in Mu Cang Chai; visiting the ancient village of Duong Lam and mingle with diverse Hill tribe people on the trip.

Spirit of Mountain will take you to the most isolated but also very beautiful area to the Far North of Vietnam where you can see lots of different hill tribes. Mostly untouched by tourists, you will have great chances to discover great nature, scenery as well as hospitable hill tribe people on the trip.

This is one of the best programs for trekking in the most beautiful mountain area in Vietnam. Stay and discover Sapa – the famous French Hill Station. Trekking in tremendous scenery to visit villages and mingle with hill tribe people there. Home stay in the local house of hill tribe people. We also create the great balance between the hard trek and relaxing stay in Topas Ecolodge Resort at the end of the trip.