If you are looking for a destination to have actions and feelings of people who are in love, let’s try top romantic things to do in Hoi An. The pleasure and excitement of doing new or fantastic things together can keep love fires burning until the old age. You can treat each other with great food, exciting activities, unique gifts, and beautiful beach site to unwind.

Hoi An Food Discovery

As a paradise of street food, Hoi An is proud of the food tours that tourists will be happy to try the signature dishes of the land.

  1. Cao Lau noodles: This is one of the most attractive types of noodles in Vietnam and the unique noodle dish in Hoi An. It includes yellow noodles, dark pork broth, slices of pork, bean sprout, crouton, sauce, and especially Tra Que vegetables. The Cao Lau noodles are only made with the water taken from the local Ba Le well.
  2. Vietnamese sandwich: This signature sandwich is packed with pork, pate, fried egg, sausage, homemade pickles, carrot, papaya, etc., and the secret sauce.
  3. Chicken Rice: The featured Hoi An Chicken Rice has fluffy rice, shredded chicken, coriander, chili sauce, pepper, etc., which results in the mouth-watering plate.
  4. Banh Beo (steamed rice cake): Made from white rice flour, the cake will be topped by tomato sauce, shrimp, pork, and fried shallot. The well-balanced fish sauce soaks the cakes to enhance flavor.

Cooking Class in Hoi An

With the cooking class in Hoi An, you and your darling can try cooking food, have fun, and get sweet experiences. The exploration of local culture and cuisine makes your sweet vacation sweeter. The hands-on cooking experiences are available at Red Bridge Restaurant & Cooking School, Hoi An Eco Cooking Class, Tra Que Herb Village, Morning Glory Cooking School, and Secret Garden Hoi An. Menus will include fried spring rolls, green mango salad, banana blossom salad, and “White Rose” (shrimp and pork packed in steamed rice cake). Before the class, you will visit local markets to learn about ingredients and buy fresh ones. During class time, couples enjoy delectable food, take cool pictures, and smile.

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Cooking Class in Hoi An

Cooking Class in Hoi An

Couple Spa in Hoi An

Romance can evolve much when you both enjoy the special treatments via a couple spa and massage in Hoi An. Some people even name this destination “Spa Heaven” and receiving healthy treatments while on holiday is a must. The simple Google search might bring you more than 150 spa listings but know that some addresses are not listed online. For luxury, get to KOI Hoi An Resort and Spa, and Akoya Spa (Vinpearl Resort & Spa Hoi An). For mid-range, they are Ginger Spa Hoi An, Five Senses Spa, and Belle Maison Hadana Hoi An Resort & Spa. For the budget range, the ideal choice is Hai Au Hotel – Minty Spa. Observe the spa facilities, and then ask the right questions before the treatment begins. Or better yet, select from the list which saves the legwork for you.

An Bang Beach

This is the unspoiled and spectacular beach to swim, play, surf, and show affection to each other. Also, this place shelters a series of beachfront resorts, hippy bars, and seafood restaurants to keep people entertained. An Bang Beach urges couples to just relax and unwind with the sea breeze, cocktails, cool beers, and fresh seafood. Just around 7km from the Hoi An Old Town, the beach is accessible by bicycle, and the cycling routes are very scenic to experience. Otherwise, use the 5-minute taxi drive.

An Bang Beach in Hoi An

An Bang Beach in Hoi An

Tailor-made Clothes in Traditional Tailor Shops

One of the top Hoi An romantic things to do is to buy silk clothes for your sweetheart. There are around 40 traditional tailor shops in the town, and the most popular ones are B’lan Silk, A Dong Silk, Bao Khanh Silk, Thu Thuy, and Tony the tailor. These are famous for expert tailors, various kinds of silk, and guaranteed quality. Getting to any of these addresses, couples will receive attentive counseling with the professional tailors who can customize the clothes to meet their preferences for the best-fit dresses and vests.