As Christmas is just around the corner, let’s sort out those of the top places to celebrate Christmas in Vietnam – the beautiful S-shaped country that is highly appraised by tourist communities. Getting excited about the coming festive time, you can notice that the Vietnamese people start decorating their houses, offices, and even streets with the dazzling Xmas-themed ornaments. This is also the time for shopping, family gathering, and eating yummy dishes.

Before you travel on, know that Christmas is not a public holiday in Vietnam, which means the locals still go to work. And, in the country, the Christmas celebration takes 2 days: 24-25 December, of which the Christmas Eve of the 24th is most exciting. Just head to the following recommendations if you want a perfect Xmas time in Vietnam.

#1: Halong Bay – Romantic Place to Celebrate Christmas in Vietnam 2020

One of the best times of the year for Halong Bay Cruises can be December when the weather becomes quite dry and cool. The landscape might get foggy sometimes, resulting in the enigmatic scenery. While the Xmas celebration aboard will be very exhilarating with the “Count Down” party, great food, and nicely-decorated details, the seascape of the UNESCO-listed Bay is spectacular enough to mesmerize your love.

There is a wide range of cruises from budget to luxury, which ensures you to set sail for Halong Bay, and its highlights of islands, islets, caves, fishing villages, beaches, and more. Besides, seize the opportunities to enjoy kayaking and swimming, though it is a bit cold for touching the water. Otherwise, you can just experience the state-of-the-art comfort with spa, bar, gym, cooking class, restaurant, etc. Halong Bay is the attractive destination all year round, so undoubtedly, it’s the No.1 choice for spending Christmas in Vietnam.

Cruising in Halong Bay on Chrismas Eve

Cruising in Halong Bay on Chrismas Eve

#2: Hanoi – Charming Place to Celebrate Christmas 2020

Hanoi capital will get cold during December when most corners of the city get decorated with the sparkling Xmas patterns. Celebrating Christmas in Hanoi, you will feel somehow homelike as there are historical churches, walking streets, and shopping malls to play on the Eve and the following day. Make sure you proceed toward Hanoi Walking Streets around the famous Hoan Kiem Lake to join the crowds of tourists and locals who are all happy especially on Christmas Eve. The streets and corners around the lakes will be beautified with glittering lights and twinkling decorations that boost the festive vibe so much.

You are likely to meet the Santa Claus’ costumes, green Christmas trees, gifts, and postcards that effectively attract eyes in the top shopping malls like Vincom Center Ba Trieu, Royal City, and Times City. At this festive time, most of the shops sell things at discount prices. Last but not least, it is a must to stop by St. Joseph’s Cathedral, situated in the center of the Old Quarter, in the west of Hoan Kiem Lake. On Christmas days, thousands of Christian people gather in this cathedral to honor their holidays.

Hanoi - The Charming Place to Celebrate Christmas

Hanoi – The Charming Place to Celebrate Christmas

#3: Da Lat – Enchanting Place to Celebrate Christmas in Vietnam

The list of the top places for Christmas in Vietnam cannot lack Da Lat, which is famous for the cool weather as well as flowery and romantic landscapes. The city welcomes holidaymakers all year round, let alone Christmas when it’s definitely best to celebrate the special days. You can make it special, lovely, and memorable by just holding hands of the loved ones on the peaceful streets at night when it gets colder. Other outstanding attractions include Ho Xuan Huong Lake, Valley of Love, Da Lat Flower Garden, Me Linh Coffee Garden, and Tuyen Lam Lake.

Only the Da Lat weather can please you. And, the natural sceneries of lakes, valleys, and waterfalls have long made this city an ideal resort for wintering. Taking a walk around the “City of Flowers,” you will feel excited about the festive atmosphere. Make sure you spend time to sip morning coffee of the area, which is worth trying at least once. The Christmas in Da Lat is more meaningful than ever if you experience it with the loved ones.

Da Lat - Enchanting Place to Celebrate Christmas in Vietnam

Da Lat – Enchanting Place to Celebrate Christmas in Vietnam

#4: Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) – Vibrant Place for a Friendly Christmas

Though Christmas cannot turn Saigon weather into the cool vibe as in Da Lat or Hanoi, it is still exciting to enjoy the festive season in this “sleepless city.” The entertainment places across the city keep you entertained so much, even days prior to this Christian festival. Traveling to Ho Chi Minh City, particularly on Christmas, make sure you visit Notre Dame Cathedral – the must-see in the city center. You will certainly meet many Christians and non-Christians, who dress up nicely to celebrate Xmas Eve and make it the special night.

Besides Notre Dame Cathedral, Christmas in Ho Chi Minh City has more than that. Make it a point to explore Nguyen Hue Walking Street, Bui Vien Street, and Takashimaya Center in which you can mingle with the Saigonese and observe how they celebrate the festival. Checking out the local restaurants, bars, and pubs that open quite late that night. What’s more, find ways to the “Christians villages” of District 8, Thu Duc District, Le Van Sy Street, Tan Phu District, and Go Vap District where you even make friends with those converted to Christianity.

 Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) – Vibrant Place for a Friendly Christmas

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) – Vibrant Place for a Friendly Christmas

#5: Sapa – Crowded Place on Christmas Eve 2020

Around 350km northwest of Hanoi, Sapa is one of the best destinations filled with ethnic culture, iconic terraced rice fields, heavenly valley, and forest trek. Blessed with the awe-inspiring beauty of Nature, Sapa will surely dazzle your eyes. On Christmas holidays, the solemn Sapa Church with the gothic French architecture will become adorned with Xmas ornaments. In front of the church, you find a square in which the locals and ethnic residents are gathering. Some people are selling traditional brocades. During Christmas Eve, the center of Sapa is very crowded. For other experiences, plan the trips to the ethnic villages of Cat Cat, Lao Chai, Ta Van, and Ta Phin. The trekking journeys to these villages are off-the-beaten-track and scenic that you will trek through the forests, rock formations, streams, and photogenic bridges. You can even go for a tour around the traditional villages of the Hmong or the Red Dzao tribes.

Sapa – Crowded Place on Christmas Eve 2020

Sapa – Crowded Place on Christmas Eve 2020

How about celebrating Christmas on Fansipan? Let’s experience the Sun World Fansipan Legend to get up high to Fansipan Mountain at the height of 3,143m to enjoy the breeze. With luck, you might hunt for snow, which boosts the excitement to the fullest. Christmas in Sapa is always special on the “Roof of Indochina”-Fansipan.

Hope that tips about top places to spend Christmas in Vietnam are useful for you and wish you a beautiful Xmas!