Vietnam has several top churches for foreigners and locals to celebrate Merry Christmas. Christmas is the ideal time for the Christians to show off their great faith in their God and for the non-Christians to gather and memorize the last moments at the end of the year. Although this event has not been traditionally celebrated in Vietnam, the locals have recently welcomed and enjoyed its colorful and lively ambiance with much enthusiasm by decorating their homes, going to the churches, spending time with their family members and friends, etc. Surely, churches and cathedrals are the perfect destinations for both domestic and foreign people to immerse in the Christmas atmosphere.

In general, churches in Vietnam have multiple harmonious styles of architecture. While some were built to support the French government, others were constructed to meet the spiritual needs of the indigenous believers. If you are now wondering where to visit for the most meaningful Christmas Eve in the S-shaped country, make sure to follow this post until the end.

#1: Stone Church – Sapa Town

Stone Church – Sapa Town

Stone Church – Sapa Town

It is sure that watching snow falls and enjoying the cool atmosphere at winter in Sapa helps you feel like that you’re in the whole European miniature. That’s why the town usually attracts a large number of visitors at Christmas time every year. And for them, the best place for a memorable Christmas holiday is to visit the Stone Church, or Holy Rosary Church right in the cool Sapa. Built during the early 20th century, the church catches your interest with the elegant architectural style and the scenic location. Situated in the heart of the town, it is where many traditional cultural activities of the ethnic minorities are held.

There are lots of interesting events to celebrate this special occasion in the Stone Church, such as the unique dance and music performances, fun and collective games, praying for luck and happiness, etc. Not only does the Stone Church play the irreplaceable role in the tourism spectacle of Sapa, but it also is the significant religious venue for everybody that believes in Jesus Christ. So if you come to the picturesque and misty town at Christmas, make it a point to visit the Stone Church and meet lots of followers alike.

#2: Hanoi Cathedral – Hanoi City

Saint Joseph's Cathedral - Hanoi Capital

Saint Joseph’s Cathedral – Hanoi Capital

Also named Saint Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi Cathedral is one of the oldest Roman Catholic churches in the capital city of Vietnam. The most exciting feature here is that its main design and architecture are similar to the ones of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. For that reason, you can get the feel of being lost in Paris after coming there. In fact, the Saint Joseph’s Cathedral is the local highlight that Hanoi tour packages cover most of the time. Also, there stand out some coffee shops offering the best view of the Hanoi Cathedral that attracts patrons from all corners of the world.

As the popular venue for Catholic activities, the Cathedral is usually chosen during the Christmas holiday. You can be impressed by its inside and outside decorations which bring a happy and colorful atmosphere. Furthermore, there is also a praying performance for luck and peace held inside the church during the Christmas Eve celebration. Mingle with the lively and bustling ambiance in front of the cathedral to wait together for the important time of Noel’s night is what many individuals enjoy so that their Christmas Eve and Vietnam travel turn to be as joyful and memorable as wished.

#3: Phu Cam Cathedral – Hue City

Phu Cam Cathedral – Hue City

Phu Cam Cathedral – Hue City

Erected in the late 17th century, Phu Cam Cathedral stands out as the largest and oldest churches in Hue. Along with the stunning design and impressive architecture, it also steals your heart by the 2 huge bell towers with even 12 floors in each. The cathedral was constructed by using modern techniques, and its decorations are mainly based on Western classical art.

During Christmas Eve, Phu Cam Church is the gathering place not only for the locals to enjoy the holiday but also for travelers who are going on the Vietnam Tours to Hue to feel and learn about the local highlight. On December 24, 2014, the parish even presented gifts to the poor and other kids living in the city. This action has helped to contribute to the fame and reputation of Phu Cam. This is a big must to contemplate and explore when you are in the romantic city, together with Imperial Citadel, Perfume River, or Trang Tien Bridge.

#4: Notre Dame Cathedral – Ho Chi Minh City

Notre Dame Cathedral – Ho Chi Minh City

Notre Dame Cathedral – Ho Chi Minh City

Situated at the nation’s most bustling city – Ho Chi Minh City, Notre Dame Cathedral is a hot spot for the locals to pray and take wedding shots as well as for tourists to contemplate its classical and gorgeous architecture throughout the year. Constructed by the French colonial government, it reminds you of the charming Saigon in the past. While people often visit there to find calmness and peace in normal days, the cathedral is full of visitors during the Noel night, due to its convenient location and dynamic Catholic gathering.

The “sleepless” visitors can come to cherish the Christmas Eve in Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral and join the happy vibe filled with many young people who believe that this is not the night to sleep. Rather, they savor each minute of the Noel night together with the loved ones. It’s likely that you can see lots of young locals taking pictures together, chatting, having fun, and creating the sweet memories of the special day. Some fluent English-speaking students might come to communicate with you and make friends. That must be the memorable time in Saigon as well as one of the best Christmas holiday that you’ve ever experienced in Vietnam tourism.

With the unforgettable Christmas night by visiting one of these top churches in Vietnam above, you will come to understand why many expat travelers gather at the charming S-shaped country over and over again. Check in at Stone Church, Hanoi Cathedral, Phu Cam Cathedral, or Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral soon!