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Nha Trang beach in Vietnam is welcoming many travelers during long holidays of 30/4 and 1/5/2016.

During the 4 days off of 30/4 (End of the Vietnam War) and 1/5, many people from several provinces of the country have flocked to the Nha Trang Beach in Khanh Hoa province to enjoy this coastal city.

During 05/01/2016, it is hot with temperature up to 34 degrees but many local travelers come here to “refreshup”.

The number of tourists is increasing rapidly in Nha Trang beach along Tran Phu Street in downtown of 4 km long. Many travelers share: the holidays last longer. So, we take the opportunity to relax with the family.

At the beach in front of 2/4 Square, many parents swimwith children wearing life jackets, glasses to protect…

The visitor Nam cannot hide his happiness: ” This is the first time I travel to the Nha Trang beach. My wife and me, we take care well of our child but also give him the opportunity to meet people and play with the sand. “.

According to the Office of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Khanh Hoa province: During the 4 holidays (30/4 and 1/5), the number of visitors to this province could increase by 10% of which there about 19,500 international travelers and 119,000 local people.

“In order to surely ensure the quality of tourism in the Nha Trang beach, the province asked enterprises in the tourism sector as: hotels, restaurants … not to raise the price.” The leaders of the Office of Culture, Sports and Tourism affirmed.

In reality, despite the increasing number of travelers, but the services: restaurants, rental tents to rest … in the Nha Trang beach in Vietnam keep prices as during ordinary days.