Testimonials Talk About Indochina Charm Travel (Vietnam Travel Agency)

Date: 2 – 12 Dec 2014 | Party of 6 people: Jayden WILSON (Sydney, Australia) | 12-day Vietnam Customized Trip Offering the great prices and knowledgeable Guide, Indochina Charm Travel is the top tour company in my standpoints. In fact, my family and I did enjoy the great vacation in Vietnam, namely in the areas […]

Date: 25 Oct – 3 Nov 2014 | Single traveler: Patrick Hanks (LA, USA) | 7-day Vietnam Customized Trip Was it boring to travel alone? NO, of course! In fact, I had an exciting trip to Vietnam operated by the thoughtful company – Indochina Charm Travel. Let me say that it seemed like she understood what […]

Date: 5 – 10 June 2014 | Group of 2 people: Matthew and Jessica (Ottawa, Canada) | Vietnam Honeymoon Tour 5 Days Indochina Charm Travel did actually ensure my honeymoon days to be sweet and romantic as expected. After determining to invest our 5 sweet days in Halong Bay, we booked it via the company […]