Mr. Vu Hoang Anh – General Director

Vu Hoang AnhHoang Anh is the founder of our company in 2008. Before then he has had a long experience working in the travel industry, including incentive and MICE. He is great in management and organizational skill and always is the person who motivates the company in our business.

“My name is Vu Hoang Anh – and I am a founder of Indochina Charm Travel. Start working in travel industry in Vietnam from 1995, I had the great chance to learn and seeing the change as well as the development of tourism in our country. After quite long time working in different positions in some well-known international travel companies, I found that with my passion and knowledge, I can offer better value and discovery on tours in Vietnam to the travelers. So the Indochina Charm Travel had been founded to fulfill my dream. Being the general director of Indochina Charm Travel, I’m in charge of business strategy, recruitment and staff training. After 5 years running the company, we encounter also many difficulty caused by economic crisis in 2008 then now 2012. But I’m so happy because we have a team like a family; our own travel philosophy convinces all travelers; our customers including travel agencies and direct travelers do not stop recommending us to their friends and relatives. The travel business is my life, I like every day working at the office: have a hot green tea before a working day, chatting with customers, supporting staff, checking service quality and tour logistics, drinking “bia hoi” with colleagues… But the thing I like best is traveling with my young and dynamic staffs on an inspection trip. That is a good time to share not only work experience but also life style and further for me, to learn allots from them. If Lao Tzu says “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – I think that I’m always at the first steps of the business road. Whether favorable or difficult, we are having our right way and keep going till success.”

Mr. Yang – Vuong Lien Duong – Products and Sales Director

Vuong Lien Duong“Life is the journeys but not a destination” is his most favorite quote as traveling is the biggest passion in his life. His hobby of photography has taken him to even the most remote parts of Vietnam. Yang is in charge of Products and Sales for the company and he always try to pass on his passion and experiences to our team as well as through our product.

“My name is Yang and I am the Products and Sales Director of Indochina Charm Travel, I am in charge of creating and designing of our company website. I have been working in travel industry in Vietnam from 1995 when I was still a student in Hanoi Water Recourses University , and the reason for me to work as a guide as that time was very simple: for practicing my English. At that time, when the country had just opened for tourist, it seemed to be the best way for me to practice English by talking to English native speaking people, them my destiny changed. From a student in very technical University in Hanoi, I found very big and intensive passion in me of traveling when having a chance to work as the tour guide, so then when I graduate from the University, I decided to be a guide but not the engineer as my plan, and my life have engaged with travel industry until today. In last 17 years, I have experienced lots of changes and developments of travel industry in Vietnam, but there is one thing never change in me: my passion of traveling. And for me, life is really a collection of different journeys. Working with our team in Indochina Charm Travel, I always try my best to create the great culture as well as team work, keep sharing my experience and specially my passion to my team. To organize the inspection trips is one of the best ways to do that. And when we arrive to the destination, I always shared with my team my impressions as well as my feeling when I came there the first time. The biggest achievement I got from working in travel industry is I have visited most of the single destination of my beautiful country in last 17 year. It is even much more meaningful when I been there with my camera as photography is my big hobby, and now I can share with you the images of Vietnam in our website. And like our team, inspection trips are always the highlight in my job. We have great learning, great fun and more than this; we have great solidarity and team work. The most impressed scenery for me in Vietnam is terrace rice field in Northern Mountain area. Every year, I was there with my motorbike and camera and for me, this is great retreat from my life and my work. And I like to call the Terrace Rice Field in Vietnam is the Stair Way to Heavenat the first steps of the business road. Whether favorable or difficult, we are having our right way and keep going till success.”

Ms. Ha Kim Uyen – Da Nang Office Director

Ha Kim UyenIf you want to meet the local person in Da Nang that has great knowledge as well as love to her place, Ha Kim Uyen must be the right one. Uyen is our Da Nang Office Director from the time our company established and she takes care all of our operation activities in the central of Vietnam as well as researching and inform us all the update of the venues and services in her area.

“My name Ha kim Uyen. I got married and have two sons and a daughter. I’m a happy woman with a lovely family and a great company. I like flower and traveling. I often listen to music and read a legend book. I’ve worked for ICT since 2005 and I really like the environment as well as my colleagues there. I do everything together, learn new skills, gain self-confidence and make friend for my life. For me, ICT is not only the company but also my big family and friendship is one of the biggest things I got from company. In here, we are great team that we can share our happiness as well as difficulties in our life. My most memorable during my working time at ICT is our FAM trip on the night train from Danang to Nha Trang, we have teamwork and close relationship that make us understand each other more. I always believe that “after the rain, it’s light”.

Ms. Hoang Minh Ngoc – Saigon Office Director

Hoang Minh NgocBefore joining our team, Ngoc used to be an Incentive and MICE Manager of one of the largest destination management companies in Vietnam for more than 10 years. She has a great knowledge and experiences of the travel industry in Vietnam. Dynamic, efficient and utmost enthusiasm, Ngoc takes care all of services and operations in the South of Vietnam and always provides the best value of our services to our clients

“My name is Ngoc & I am Saigon Office Director of Indochina Charm Travel. I am taking cares of all services and operations in the South of Viet Nam.
I could not imagine that my life has been engaged with travel works because I was trained to be Russian language experts at university. I started my work in travel industry as English speaking guide. I am lucky because I have chance to work at different positions: Tour guide, Reservation, Operations, and Travel Account Manager at well-know travel agents & DMC. Hard work loads had made me exhausted sometimes, but I recognized my passion with this job is always alive. The flying feeling once cycling through the vast rice field in Mekong Delta or standing on the high mountain in Sapa always push me to discover more. The more I travel, the more I have discovered the opening world ahead. My dream is introducing Vietnam’s images of smiling faces that people can see on the street although the life not really wealthy, of peaceful rivers running along our countries, of naive children running with kites on vast rice fields…I love traveling, love meeting different people, chatting with them to find out how beautiful and interesting they are, from appearance till their soul.
I had looked for a young, dynamic, enthusiastic team once joining ICT team. I found out a sincere & confidential working attitude in travel industry from colleagues here. Thanks God for me to work & live in ICT family, where I can share, talk and live with all my open- hearted, where I wish to come everyday. Company’s trip yearly is always the best opportunity for everybody to be closer in a big family.
“People will be closer through journeys “. Traveling is a chance to open our soul, our hand to hold other people’s ones”

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hien – Senior Sales Manager

Nguyen Thi HienHien working in Indochina Charm Travel since she graduate from University. She in charge of taking care all of individual request from English speaking market as well as some of our agents. Dynamic, creative and very good at speed and detail are her strength and we are really appreciating these values of her. Together with Nga, Hien taking care and make sure that our business in English speaking market running smoothly in great value.

“My full-name is Nguyen Thi Hien, 29 years old. I like dancing, traveling and chatting to my friends in my free time. I also like shopping as other women and listen to music also. My favorite singers are Cam Ly and Uyen Linh.
I graduated from tourism faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities University in 2006. Then I’ve applied a job as a Sales Executive at Indochina Charm Travel (ICT) and worked here for 6 years until now.
I love the friendly working environment at ICT. All people in company like members in a family. Everybody can share, help, support to each other to reach the best value in working also in the life.
Our trip to Northern mountainous area is much memorable during my working time here. It is really a great chance to discover great nature, scenery as well as hospitable hill tribe people. I love this trip and hope that we can do others to explore a beautiful Vietnam.
“I am one of those who never knows the direction of my journey until I have almost arrived”

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy – Senior Sales Manager

Nguyen Thi ThuyBeing trained to become a French teacher but with a passion for travel, a passion for discovering the culture and people, she works as a travel consultant for 7 years. Thuy is in charge of French speaking market for Indochina Cham Travel. She is very careful, attentive but also hard working person.  We all like her very much.

“My name is Thuy , a graduate of the French department of the School of national foreign-Hanoi University since 2011. I started working in tourism in 2003. I like traveling and discover the new things and this work that helps me live with my passion. I had some really interesting trips and experiences and I want to take the knowledge gathered to help you make your trip unforgettable.
My favorite destination in Vietnam is Halong Bay. May be because of the influence of the movie Indochine. For me, Halong bay just like the fairy land with amazing mountain raising up from emerald water and the best way to discover this mysterious place is 3 days and 2 night cruise on the bay”

Ms. Tran Van Phuong – Sales Executive

Tran Van Phuong

Phuong is the newest member of Indochina Charm Travel in Hanoi Office. She is hard working and very attentive person. Phuong is in charge of online business for English Market of the company and it took very short time for her to work with the team very well. She is 24/7 available for any request from you.

I have joined Indochina Charm Travel in early 2015 with more than 6 years experiences working in travel industry in Vietnam. Accompany by Ms. Hien and Ms. Phuong, we are the persons in charge of English Market.  I totally want  to face up with difficulties, challenges in the daily file to improve my knowledge about every fields.

We always put the benefit and interests of customer first, we try our best to bring the most satisfactory and the great value for the customers in each vacation.

Working for Indochina Charm Travel, I have a chance to learn from our team about the travel knowledge that I have never heard about these before.

My favorite travel destination in Vietnam is Hoi An ancient town. In 2012, I had opportunity to visit Hoi An,  immediately I was fall in love with her beauty at the first sight with quiet  ancient houses  in yellow, nice and friendly people, small coffee shop under  the nice shade of bougainvillea. I was really enjoy the stay in this wonderful land which contrasts with noisy, bustle, smoky city. I hope that I will be back to Hoi An again in the near future.

Ms. Nguyen Thuy Phuong – Operation Executive in Danang

Nguyen Thuy PhuongPhuong is our operation executive in Danang. Very hard working, friendly and she do all her work in great passion. With her and Uyen, we are very confident about our quality as well as the value of the tour operating in the central part of Vietnam.

“My name is Nguyen Thi Thuy Phuong – a woman with a husband and a daughter. I love white and black. I love honesty and hate deceit. I love travel and I have become an employee of ICT from end of the 2008. I have being worked as operation executive for ICT in Danang Office. To ICT, I have many interesting and memorable FAM trips. They helped me have practical experience. I also became more mature after the trips.
I would like to share with you my favorite quote: The less is the more.”

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hue – Operation Executive in HCM City

Nguyen Thi Hue

Hue is the youngest member of Indochina Charm Travel Family but her job is not at all. She is in charge of operation for company in the South region of Vietnam. Young, creative, dynamic and hard working, Hue always makes us feel reliable about our operation and services in the South of Vietnam.

“My name is Hue Nguyen, 25 years old. I was born and raised in Thanh Hoa City. I want to university in Hanoi but live and work in Saigon now. For me, Saigon just likes the new horizon, big, busy, dynamic and having so many things to learn and discover.

I am the youngest and newest member of Indochina Charm Travel and I am in charge of operation the services of company in the south of Vietnam. I am always interest in new places and experiences, and don’t miss an opportunity to travel. I am so excited to be part of ICT team that allows me to explore my passion for travel and adventure.

The best destination for me in Vietnam is Mekong Delta. Raised up in the Red River Delta in the North of Vietnam, but I just had a change to discover Mekong Delta only since I move to Saigon. Peaceful and green, Mekong Delta would not give you the Wow experiences from first time, but you will love this place somehow and sometime that you even did not notice that. I really like and proud about our day trip to Cai Lay, the authentic hidden area of  Mekong Delta. 

“Life is a journey; try to enjoy it when you are still young”

Nguyen Thi Huong – Chief Accountant

Nguyen Thi HuongTogether with Nga and Hoang Anh, Huong has been working with Indochina Charm Travel from beginning and now she is in charge of Chief Accountant– the work a little bit back stage but also very important for the company. Very friendly, careful as well as reliable, she is taking care of accountant and finance matter for us.

“I have worked for ICT since 2003. ICT is a friendly and dynamic environment. Everyone in ICT is very open and friendly. I am very happy to work with good team of ICT. Working for ICT I have gained a lot of experience in my life as well as in my work. I was more confident and mature since I joined the ICT team. My hobbies are traveling, music, walking…especially I like designing clothing for myself and enjoyed sewing themselves. It is very happy when I work for ICT, even though I am an accountant but I have chance to travel some beautiful place of my country. I still remember one of memory trip to Sapa in 2011 summer with ICT’s team. I was really impressed by the natural beauty of Vietnam and I feel the warmth of the local people when living at homestay. My favorite quote is “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles”. I hope that ICT ‘s business will more and more develop to have a lots of trip with ICT’s team”

Mr. Vu Hai Dang – Tour Guide

Vu Hai DangDang working for us as the full time guide right when he graduated from University. Open, hospitality and very caring, in 4 years working with us, Dang never had a fair feed back. He is taking care our clients in the North and sometime overland as well. Dang is one of the treasures of our company.

“I am Dang, 29 years old. I was born in Hanoi, when I was a child, I wish I can travel around Vietnam and far away places as well. However, during that time the economic condition did not allow me to travel Vietnam from end to end. Thus, after finishing the high school, I determined to enter Hanoi Open University, Faculty of Tourism, in which specialized in training student as professional guide and turn my wish in coming true. I have studied there for five years and in order to collect more experiences and pay for my tuition, I did have some part time jobs in ethnology museum, restaurant and hotels. I think it was really useful for my present job- international tour guide.
I still remember that the day when I was interviewed in Rosaliza hotel*** and succeed in that ones, I intended to work there one year until I graduated in my university. Accidentally, Mr. Yang gave me a call on that day and the chance came on June 2009. I and two other friends (Doanh and Huy) were trained for three months in ICT by Mr.Yang who communicated allots of valuable experiences to us. Besides, I found ICT that have professional work environment with obvious motto, strategy and culture, so I think two of those made me have a strong attachment to ICT.
Unlike other friends, they work as freelance guides for some travel companies, they don’t have any gratuity and medical care mode, but I have all in ICT. Once more, the weekly meeting also create condition for ICT’s members to present their work and exchange ideas to accomplish one’s mission. Through it, I can share my ideas with director and tour operator to adjust any point if it is not reasonable in certain time, to perfect tour program. I am quite proud of ICT about that.
For me, the most memorial experience is the field trip on journey (Hanoi-Nghia Lo-Than Uyen-Mu Cang Chai- Muong Khuong-DongVan-Cao Bang-Ba Be) with ICT on July 2010, that time was in rainy season and the road was bad, bumpy and slippery so our van had to stop for twice times on road, 1st time in Hoang Su Phi commune our van couldn’t drive up a slippery slope and 2nd time in Noong lake. By flexibility, we rent an extractor and dumber truck to overcome the challenges. More importantly, we took many nice photos at some rest stops and tightened the relationship of ICT’ members. Thanks for that journey, I learnt allots of precious experiences for myself.
When I have free time, I like to read books and search news relating to tourism because it enriches my knowledge and is useful for my work. Furthermore, adding some other hobbies like: listening music, watching documentary film, playing sport…
Each one has his own quote but my most favorite ones is “Ignorance is not worth as lack in inquiring will”
In brief, I do hope ICT keep on holding yearly field trip or outside activities in order that everyone understands each other.”