Ninh Binh is a reputable tourist destination in Vietnam with the valuable Trang An Scenic Landscape Heritage, Tam Coc-Bich Dong, Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, Van Long Swamp, and more. Thanks to the positive effects of “Kong: Skull Island,” a 2017 Hollywood monster – action film directed by Jordan Vogt-Robert and partly filmed in some sites of this province, the film set of the indigene village is reconstructed in Trang An. It welcomes every visitor to explore, and the entrance is free of charge. Traveling to see the fabricated “Kong: Skull Island” film set is a cool trend. Let’s follow the trend and travel to Ninh Binh.

Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex has a whole area of 6.172 ha, remarkably dotted with the limestone mastiff, picturesque rice fields, romantic rivers, cave systems, spectacular valley, and fertile primary forest. Inscribed as the UNESCO World heritage site in 2014, Trang An owns the valuable culture, nature, geology, and geomorphology. Some people say that this attraction is a land of fairy tales or “the Halong Bay on land.” So, it is not a big surprise when the Hollywood filmmakers of Kong: Skull Island decided to shot their brainchild movie there. Know that this is the first site ranked as the mixed natural and cultural UNESCO heritage in Vietnam. This “outdoor geological museum” even goes beyond your expectation for ecotourism as this is the friendly home to about 500 species of flora, 71 species of bird and 41 species of other fauna. Everything makes it the ideal background for filming the Kong movie.

Open the Reconstructed Kong: Skull Island Film Set in Trang An

"Kong: Skull Island" Film Set in Ninh Binh The famous Kong film was shot in Trang An, Van Long, and Tam Coc attractions of Ninh Binh. So, the provincial government has plans to highly promote tourism at places where the movie was shot. Particularly, the scenes in Trang An can be reconstructed with the conical huts and the indigenes (the earliest known and original occupants of the Kong’s home) who should be rolled-play by the artists. This recently opened film set becomes a new tourist attraction in the scenic Trang An Complex – the UNESCO heritage of culture and nature that Vietnam feels proud.

Come there; you see around 40 conical palm tents where the film indigene characters call “houses.” These tents look just similar to what you find in the “Kong: Skull Island” 2017 movie, amidst the stunning and magnificent mountain settings. Besides, it’s very interesting to meet some artists who used to role-play the indigenes in this Hollywood film. Every kid and adult love to take photographs of and with them. This special film set is an attraction to see in Route 2 of Trang An Scenic Landscape Heritage. It opens free-of-charge for all visitors. So, together with the mysterious caves, unique culture, proud history, and breathtaking mountains, Trang An today has the other fantastic site: the rebuilt film set of King Kong franchise 2017.

When wandering around the rebuilt villages in the beautiful Trang An, it feels that you are visiting the home of Kong – a “lonely God and morose figure” in the film. The destination looks so marvelous on the screen that urges the travelers worldwide and nature lovers to discover it. No picture or video available online can replace your real experience. Every single step you take in the land, it leaves you the unforgettable and authentic feeling. Visiting the home of Kong just to fulfill the eyes as well as your curiosity. While the landscape is extremely picturesque, the fabricated palm tents, and the role-playing natives whose faces are painted identically (just similar to what you see on the big screen). All of the highlights make the Kong’s homeland welcoming and inviting to the international guests.

Stopping by the rebuilt village, some tourists love to enter the conical palm tents and capture their images while the others prefer interacting with the identically painted-face artists (who role-play as the indigenes). The huts are fabricated similarly to what was made by the Hollywood filmmakers. The background of the far-off mountains enhances every photograph. With various flattering corners, you can capture the artistic, eye-catching, and deep pics. The open of this Kong: Skull Island film set helps to promote the excitement of Trang An Festival 2017.

You can also see some wooden long boats often used by the African indigenes. And, the fabricated battleship employed by the film explorers to sail along the river, aiming to escape the land, is available to serve.

The Kong: Skull Island Film Set – Introduce Trang An Ninh Binh to the World!

"Kong: Skull Island" Film Set in Ninh Binh The reconstruction of this film set is one of the best ways to make Trang An, Ninh Binh Province recognizable to the global tourist communities. While some people will fall in love with the scenic heritage, the others might come because they want to see the home of the lonely and giant Kong 2017. Anyhow, this drives the tourism fame of Trang An, Ninh Binh, and of course, Vietnam to move beyond the national borders. Most of the audiences want to see how beautiful the sceneries in the real destination are, rather than on the big screen, which promotes the local tourism effectively.

Travel to Trang An, you step into the scenic world of ecotourism, culture, history, and now the Kong’s home. The Vietnam tour packages called “Follow Kong: Skull Island” have been operated and sold to serve the adventurers all over the world. The relevant destinations are Hanoi-Ninh Binh-Halong Bay-Quang Binh-Saigon. Particularly, Ninh Binh now has the reconstructed film set, plus the role-play indigenes which definitely make your vacation excellent. Let’s travel to see Vietnam in a way that you have not ever tried it before! It’s your turn to join the Trang An Festival 2017, touch the conical palm huts, and interact with the role-play indigenes! Some of them might tell and share with you about their memorable experiences, difficulties, or funny moments with the film crew while the Hollywood movie was shot there. Who knows? You might gather lots of interesting and behind-the-scene stories to tell.

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