Homestay in Hue Vietnam is a new and enjoyable kind of accommodation in the heritage land for lots of foreign and domestic tourists. Homestay lets guests experience the local culture and lifestyle by staying overnight at their houses, dine with them, and share some chores. Hue City Vietnam has sufficient potentials to develop the homestay […]

Hue in Vietnam not only is famous for ancient Citadel but also wins visitors’ praises for some fascinating specialties. If you travel to Vietnam, don’t forget to buy the 7 top souvenir products of Hue charming city and give them to your loved ones as the special gifts after a great trip. #1: Peanut and […]

In Hue, the old capital of Vietnam during the Nguyen Dynasty, it cannot help voting for the indispensable attractions of Hue Citadel, Perfume River, Ming Mang Tomb, Thuan An Beach, etc. Besides, the Hue cuisine goes beyond the offspring’s expectation. That said, the Nguyen Kings usually found the best chefs to cook for them. Therefore, […]