Hoi An is a city full of color, light, and culture which makes it one of the most fabulous destinations in Vietnam or even in the world for the colorful lanterns. The antique town has age-old houses and shops, shining lanterns, and various historical constructions to cherish. Especially by night, the beauty of Hoi An […]

Hoi An owns the old and peaceful charm for visitors to enjoy a back-in-time trip. This UNESCO World Heritage site since 1999 has been convincing the travelers worldwide of its unique ancient houses in the French architecture, narrow alleys, long-lasting herb villages, and warm-hearted welcome. Amongst these, let’s discover French architecture in Hoi An. Hoi […]

Hoi An restaurants and makeshift food stalls are numerous to suit the culinary tourists’ tastes for either the sophisticated dining establishments or the simple yet delicious addresses. Hoi An is ideal for the nostalgic souls; here, people come back in time to the ancient houses, the amiable locals, as well as the long-lasting regional foods. […]