In Vietnam, there are exotic masterpieces of nature and local people that are mostly yet unknown by travelers. Located primarily in the mountain areas in the North of Vietnam, the terraced rice fields are called the “stairway to Heaven” by many people. These are the result of really amazing work over a hundred years by […]

Yen Bai in Vietnam is an agricultural-based province located at the gateway to the Northwest of Vietnam. If looking for an off-the-beaten-track shelter to enjoy the authentic sense of highland life and the unspoiled nature, just head to Yen Bai. Yen Bai is 183km away from Hanoi. The province has an area of 6899.5km2, and […]

The fame of Mu Cang Chai has been recorded in the paper, photo, video, and deep inside the mind of many tourists who have the lucky opportunity to explore the beautiful terraced rice fields. Know that Mu Cang Chai is one of the best destinations for Vietnam Photography Tours. Being a rural district of Yen […]