The city of Hue still has many vestiges from the old times. On the way to Thien Mu Pagoda, along the bank of the Perfume River, you can see some old gates of the houses of past Mandarins. In this area, there is a village named Kim Long. This well-known village used to be the […]

Hue is the center of Buddhism in Vietnam and has many pagodas that have been built in the last 400 years. I was introduced to Thich Nu Dieu Dat, the chief nun of Dong Thien Pagoda, by a friend of mine who is one of the best tour guides in Hue. It was a rainy […]

From my experiences traveling throughout Vietnam, Hue is the city with the most undiscovered hidden charm. It is famous for the Citadel, the tomb of the Kings, the Perfume River and the Thien Mu Pagoda. Most of the tours in Hue cover only these features, and they move tourists in a prescribed way from one […]

In the afternoon of 10/12/2016, Mr. Phan Thanh Hai, the director of the Center for Conservation of Hue monuments informed: Since summer 2017, the center will open a part of the Hue Citadel to welcome visitors. Because many people traveling to Hue in Vietnam say that the visit is difficult because of the high temperature in […]

Hue is a romantic and tranquil city in the central Vietnam. Historically, Hue was the seat of Nguyen Dynasty Emperors and functioned as the national capital (1802-1945). People always refer to the 19th-century Citadel encompassing the Imperial City whenever talking about tourism highlights of Hue in Vietnam. About Hue in Vietnam Hue gains worldwide recognition […]

For the first time, the Hue ancient capital will organize Hue Festival during the public holidays: 30/4 and 1/5 to promote the heritage, culture and the most interesting destinations in Hue The Hue Festival 2016 will take place from 29 / 4-4 / 5 with the theme “Cultural Heritage with Integration and Development, 710 years […]

A great deal of tourists who have once explored Hue tourist destination are consistently be attracted by the longing ancient capital’s calm value, smiling locals associated with the romantic Perfume River. Formerly, Hue was the country capital of Nguyen Dynasty in 18th – 19th century; and up to now, it’s most famous for the historic […]