Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam (formerly named Saigon) is a huge magnet attracting people of all kind and background to gather, work, and earn their daily bread. If asking for the most bustling and less sleepy destination in Vietnam, then the answer might point to the city named after Uncle Ho: Ho Chi Minh […]

This policy is for creating favorable conditions for travelers and people of Ho Chi Minh City to search information and for contributing to the construction of e-government. According to Deputy Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Tran Vinh Tuyen, Singapore proposed the free WiFi equipment for the city. Tourists can easily access the information. […]

The suburb of Ho Chi Minh City is explored by train from Saigon railway in combination with the visit of Thuy Chau Tourist Park (Binh Duong Province) at price of 160,000 VND or 7 USD per person According to Mr. Do Quang Van, the director of the Society of the Saigon railway, the railway sector […]

Ho Chi Minh City will organize 12th International Tourism Fair (ITE HCMC) between 8 and 10 September 2016 at the Saigon Exhibition Centre with the theme “Tourism Gateway to Asia”. ITE HCMC 2016 is the only tourism event which is funded by the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism of Laos, […]

We are living and working in an era when time can be converted into money in many ways. If you are a kind of busy traveler who takes time for money and highly appreciates the so-called holiday, you’re advised to save time and effort from the transportation stage. Want to avoid wasting time on moving […]

Ho Chi Minh City (formerly named Saigon) is the busiest city in the southern Vietnam and also the hottest tourist destination in this country. The city is now on high development with various international commercial buildings and industrial zones. There are millions of vehicles and population density there. Within 19m above sea level, this tourist […]

The USA Today (USA) has ranked 45 most attractive cuisine markets in the world, based on the ability to reflect food importance and local characteristics through items in the market. According to the USA Today, these 45 markets can be regarded as the peak of market culture in each country, nation, and most clearly reflect […]