Since May 30, 2018, three open-top double decker buses Hanoi have been coming into operation. The buses serve panoramic city sightseeing at the ticket price of VND300.000/4 hours. Passengers can enjoy the cityscape and visit 30 tourist spots on 25 streets around the capital city. This experience is exciting and appeals to the first-time travelers […]

Ngoc Ha village is just like an oasis in Hanoi City. It used to be the village that grew the flowers and bonsai trees which were supplied to Hanoi. From 1992, when the living standard of people in Hanoi got much better, many rich people in the city came here to buy land for building […]

The Old Quarter is an attractive place for most travelers in Hanoi with its classic and beautiful streets, old style houses and the authentic scenes and activities of people on the street. There are many ways to visit the Old Quarter: from the window of your tour bus, on a cyclo, a tramcar or by […]

Anybody who has ever explored Hanoi will possibly claim that it is among the greatest cities in Asia which is pictured with historic and cultural ingredients since people here have settled along the Red River for decades. Basic Information to Digest about Hanoi First of all, it’s informed that Hanoi is a capital of Vietnam […]