There stands an interesting fact about Son Tra Peninsula that it’s crowned by the Son Tra Moutain (casually called Monkey Moutain by the American Soldiers duing Vietnam War). Thanks to the 13.5km-long mountain, Da Nang City has a solid barier against strong winds and storms triggered from the sea. In tourism sector, Son Tra Peninsula has long been famous for its heavenly charm and absolute scenes. It’s legendarily rumoured that this attractive destination welcomes many descending angels to sing, dance, and play chess on its peak.

Son Tra has rich fauna and flora with rare animals (like red-shanked doucs, red cheek gibbons and special turtle) and special species that have important contribution to the conservation of biodiversity and natural loveliness of Da Nang City. Popularly, Son Tra Peninsula is perfect for sightseeing, resting, learning culture, and getting immersed into fresh nature. 

How Great Will Your Tour Packages In Son Tra Peninsula Be?

For tourism development, a decent road circling the Peninsula has been built associated with various tourist zones and splendid hotels along the road. Only 13km away from the heart of Da Nang City, Son Tra Peninsula tourist destination serves as a big magnet featured with primitive nature, transparent sea, white sand, and secretive jungle with a rich diversity of animals and plants. So, what are for tourists see and do when they tour to the coastal magnet?

First, the beaches available there such as North Beach, South Beach, and Buddha Beach are for vacationers to stay close to nature at best via swimming, sunbathing, surfuring, sightseeing on boat, fishing or playing various sports. The transparent seawater even enables you to see beautiful coral reefs for scuba diving activity. It sounds like you’re exploring the dramatic underwater palace. Besides, the giant jungle or the house of numerous precious species makes the spectacular picture for some of the greatest photos that you can snap in Vietnam. Your Son Tra Peninsula tour packages are additionally promoted with a short excursion to the villages constructed on the mountains that makes ideal spaces for spreading eyes over majestic beaches and jungles. Meanwhile, vacationers are pleased with fresh and peaceful ambiance.

The foremost thing many people think of when hearing “Da Nang” may be Son Tra Peninsula. To these fans, Da Nang means Son Tra Peninsula and they cannot stop praising this tourist site where they perceive a real feeling for Vietnam’s nature and people. Whether you’re keen on the sandy beaches, picturesque seacape, or primitive forests, this precious gem has ability to entertain you, in general.

Particularly, never ignore the names of the Peninsula’s essentials including Son Tra National Conservartion Park, Mui Nghe Stone, Thuan Phuoc Bridge (brings Son Tra Peninsula closer to Da Nang), and Chess Board Peek (big flat stone like a chess board that fairies use to play chess). If you get chance to stand up at the Son Tra Moutain top, enjoy the calmness of twilight over the picturesque landscape. Also contemplate the pink clouds and glistering water affected by sunlight on the sea surface. Everyting makes Son Tra peninsular an existing heaven and a precious gem that Creator gives Da Nang.