This is the prime reserved to three winners of the competition: ” Red bull – Bravery conquest of the Son Doong cave”

Currently, 30 people who passed the first tour, will face difficult challenges in the second tour. It was the Red Bull competition held April 9, 2016 for 3 tickets of free discovery of the Son Doong cave during 7 days and 6 nights, August 4 to August 10 in 2016.

Participants of the competition Red Bull have to go through the challenges that are not reserved for everyone: jump over fire, climb the wall, overcome obstacles, crawl, balance, carry heavy loads to overcome obstacles …

Participants must have good health, good tactics, the strong will to accomplish things appearing to be impossible. In this race, the team spirit is enhanced to the maximum. These challenges require good health, resourcefulness and mutual assistance between people who do not know each other.

This is not just a simple race, but is also the measure of bravery and self-confidence. Here, the participant will have a profound experience of the victory of themself, teamwork and unforgettable emotions.

By winning the first tour, Tran Dang Khoa Dang said: “After seeing the album and articles of my friends, I was surprised because they have so many experiences and vote number is high. However, I am fortunate to be in the list of top 30 people who have the opportunity to set foot in the Son Doong cave. The tour of the Son Doong cave is too difficult. However, I will try do not miss any opportunity. ”

Champion Red Bull is the challenges of both physical strength, will and spirit of adventure. This type of sport organized in Hanoi, received the enthusiastic support of young people. This is the ultimate challenge of the competition: “Red Bull – Bravery conquer of Son Doong cave.”