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In Hue, the old capital of Vietnam during the Nguyen Dynasty, it cannot help voting for the indispensable attractions of Hue Citadel, Perfume River, Ming Mang Tomb, Thuan An Beach, etc. Besides, the Hue cuisine goes beyond the offspring’s expectation. That said, the Nguyen Kings usually found the best chefs to cook for them. Therefore, Hue was the venue of the finest chefs as well as the most traditional Vietnamese dishes.

Hue City in Vietnam today is spotlighted with several outstanding restaurants that serve the tasty local dishes. There also combines the typical Western menus for the oversea guests but note that most of the travelers prefer sticking to the local delicacies. So, where to eat in Hue City Vietnam? Go there if you haven’t found your ideal eateries.

#1: Lac Thien Restaurant

hue banh khoaiThis is the friendly family-run restaurant that greatly contributes to the traditional culinary scene in Hue. Here, you enjoy the fantastic local dishes such as “banh khoai” (a kind of stuffed crepe served with peanut sauce), “nem lui” (a kind of the grilled sausage), and more. The locals mostly know Lac Thien Restaurant for its unbeatable and unique “banh khoai” specialty. Since being run by the local family, this restaurant embraces the chummy and relaxing ambiance.

Location: 6 Dinh Tien Hoang Street

#2: Paradise Garden Restaurant

hue paradise garden restaurantWith the inspiring name, Paradise Garden Restaurant offers the paradise-looking atmosphere for connoisseurs to enjoy the full plates of the appetizing foods. The menu is full of the Hue-style dishes at reasonable prices. You can come here for the yummy hot beef noodle soup at breakfast, lunch, and dinner whatever in the outdoor setting. Quite close to Trang Tien Bridge, this eatery gives you the very charming colorful view, especially at night.

Location: 17 Le Loi Street

#3: Tropical Garden Restaurant

hue tropical garden restaurantTropical Garden Restaurant is usually packed with visitors, yet it remains cozy and delicious every time you come. The fine English menu is given to the foreign guests so that they can easily order the favorite Hue dishes. Besides, there serves the night music every night. The three best foods to call out should be the banana flower soup, crab steamed with beer, grilled minced shrimp wrapped in rice paper and dipped into the peanut sauce. Hence, enjoy them first if you go there!

Location: 27 Chu Van An Street

#4: Banana Mango Restaurant

hue banana mango restaurantBanana Mango gains scores for the inexpensive and appetizing foods. While its atmosphere is satisfactory, the staff is very chummy with the lovely Hue smiles. The good combination of the Hue-style dishes and the Western menus ensures the visitors to indulge their palates well. If you go there, please remember to order “bun bo Hue” (the beef noodle). Here, you find the great foods with little prices. The yummy taste will last long.

Location: 106 Le Loi Street

#5: Grain Restaurant and Café

hue grain restaurant

If you are vegetarians, your travel to Hue cannot be complete if you don’t go to Grain Restaurant and Café. This is the dining venue in Hue with the broad veggie sections in the menus; so, it is assured that you will find the good crowds of the like-minded buddies who cherish the healthy and excellent vegetarian foods.

Location: 49 Le Loi Street

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