There stand various must-see places in Sapa. Your Sapa exploration will never lack excitement with impressive attractions around. While Ham Rong Mountain is full of dramatic scene, fountains and green field, Bac Ha Market is ideal spot for trading exclusive clothes and jewelry, for instance. And if you wish to get victory sense, try a real adventure tour to Vietnam by conquering Fansipan peak with 3,143m height.

Basis of Sapa to Remember

Sapa is located on above 1600km from sea level in the northwest of Vietnam, of Lao Cai Province, close to the border of China. It is reported that Sapa was discovered during inspection around the hill tribes under the French colonial period. Historically, the first group explorers came to Lao Cai in 1898. The major hill tribes in Sapa include Hmong, Tay, Dao Do, Xa Pho, and Giay. At present, King people began moving there to do business as Sapa is on growth as a magnetic tourist attraction.

Being surrounded by Hoang Lien Son mountain range together with the renowned Fansipan peak, Sapa tourist destination is gifted with very cool climate throughout the year. In the Spring morning, the temperate is around 150 C while the Summer noon has light sunshine, the evening of Autumn and Winter is foggy. With special weather, Sapa is among the Vietnamese special places that are rarely snowing sometimes. The reputation of Sapa has last for years and now it attracts a huge number of travelers by its charming scenarios, comfortable climate, and tribe people. The extraordinary Sapa adventure tours are usually done for trekking, mountain climbing and homestay that give you full opportunities to meet, share, and experience how the hill tribes live.

Tourist Attractions in Sapa to Get Indulged Into

First of all, standing out of the list is Fansipan Mountain or “the Roof of Indochina”, the highest mountain in Vietnam and in Indochina as well. Once you can conquer the 3,143 meters above the sea level, you become the real natural conquerors or adventure tourists that obtain the top view from the Fansipan peak. It sounds like you’re viewing the scenes via the birds’ eyes. Fansipan ranks among the best eco-tourism spots of Vietnam with rich flora varieties and fauna species. So, do you know when to visit Fansipan Mountain? It is revealed that September to the next March is the most ideal time for mountain climbing. In such time frames, the end of February is the best when flowers blossom beautifully on the mountain.

Next, Love Market is where honeymooners and love couples prefer to talk about. The market is featured with participants of numerous young people for every Saturday night. This tourist site encourages the singles to find their partners while the couples get their emotional bond tightened for further marriage. Originally, the young hill tribe will gather in the market and look for their mates by singing a song. Then, girls respond by a song while staying in the dark and the boys have to find out their girls. Singing and dancing creates nice culture. Sapa Market is busily special since the hill tribe people wearing their traditional clothes sell their products from both nature and handmade that makes beautiful pictures. Furthermore, don’t miss names of Ham Rong Mountain, Cat Cat Village, Lao Chai Village, Ta Van Village, Bac Ha Market, and Can Cau Market.

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