Situated at the southeast of Binh Dinh Province, Quy Nhon City now ranks among the hottest tourist destinations in Vietnam. The city is naturally bordered by the East Sea and complete mountain ranges. Thanks to the untouched beauty of golden sand beaches, green array of coconuts, tranquil seawater, and clear blue sky, this tourist spot attracts numerous tourists across the world. Interestingly, this city has a nickname as the poetic city, where you find both romance and peace for the absolute holiday. Undoubtedly, Quy Nhon is an ideal shelter for everybody to have a break between Nha Trang and Hoi An 

Explore Quy Nhon City Characteristics before Adoring its Beauty

Geographically, Quy Nhon has the 42-km length coastline combined with sandy beaches, rich resources of seafood and some other natural products. Its area is approximately as 284 km2 and the population is over 286 thousands. Overall, the city’s topography diversifies from mountains to plains, coastal dunes, and islands. In regards to the local climate, the dry season lasts from March to December while the rainy season runs from October to February. It’s best to check out the temperature before you move!

As a coastal city featured with enough highlights and accommodations for tourism targets, Quy Nhon welcomes all guests on an annual basis. Truly speaking, the city has enough characteristics to please the tourists; some of them are listed for your references including the comfortable weather conditions, lengthy coastline, big and small islands, impressive beaches, scenic tourism sites, and historical relics as well. The highlights of Quy Nhon are also enumerated for you as Quy Hoa Beach, Queen Beach, Long Khanh Pagoda, Twin Towers, and Yen Island. 

Quy Nhon City Welcomes Tourists of All Kinds

The city of Binh Dinh Province like Quy Nhon looks like a ship trending toward the East Sea, which gives it various lovely scenes made up from both nature and manmade efforts. So, your Quy Nhon tour package can’t be completed if you miss a sea journey. Now, begin from the romantic Queen beach under the bottom of Poet Mountain, and then reach Genh Rang tourism area where you see a unique beach housing myriad egg-shaped rocky cobbles. Next, stop by Quy Hoa Valley with casuarinas tree line which is highly peaceful enough to become a big magnet for vacationers.

Far 15km from the center of Quy Nhon City, Hon Seo island withstands the test of time and preserve its primitive beauty as an ideal picnic destination for tourists of all kinds, specially are the honeymooners who want to get rid of the bustling life. Right in this romantic island, expect to contemplate various multi-colored rocks and sea creatures as well. Interestingly, some guests even bring the colorful rocks to home to memorize their stay in this poetic city. Don’t worry as the rocky beaches have never been out of rocks! Moving further, Yen Island is where to settle for a while. The transparent seawater, cool winds, and breathtaking coral reef will please your eyes endlessly. Your night in Quy Nhon is spotlighted with numerous sparking lights from houses or fishing boats offshore. The views are warm, quiet, and light… Se more about Quy Nhon in Vietnam here !