Quang Binh in Vietnam is believed to be the blessed land with absolute nature to amaze all of the visitors every time they come. Nature seems to be the best gift that the Creator gives Quang Binh, and many people do use the nickname of ‘an existing heaven’ to refer to Quang Binh.

Quang Binh Province is located in the upper middle region of Vietnam. Within 40,3km width, this is the narrowest province in the Vietnam’s S-shaped map, but each of its corners is spotlighted with the amazing nature of caves, beaches, and mountains. About the borders of Quang Binh, it is encompassed by Ha Tinh Province to the north, Quang Tri Province to the south, the Southeast Asia Sea to the east, and Laos in the west. 85% of the province is mountainous with a variety of terrains like highland, valley, hill, and paddy field and the east side of Quang Binh is pictured with the gorgeous beaches. Besides, note that there are several ethnic groups there, and they preserve the traditional culture and lifestyle of the highland region. Surely, the ethnic minorities are open to welcome the travelers to visit their homeland. Quang Binh has the significant North-South Vietnam traffic routes including Highway 1A, Ho Chi Minh Road, North-South Railway. Also, this province has Hon La Port, Giang Port, and especially is Dong Hoi Airport. Let’s discover things to see and do in Quang Binh in Vietnam.

Best Tourist Attractions and Activities in Quang Binh

Quang Binh Beaches

quang binh beachAs the blessed land, Quang Binh has 116km seashore dotted the exquisite beaches, the green palm leaves, and the white sand bank. The most beautiful candidates are Nhat Le Beach and Da Nhay Beach. The natural pictures of beaches in Quang Binh win every visitor’s praises for their heavenly charm. Any time you come to Quang Binh beaches, they become your peaceful shelters where stress has no place. The relaxation in the beaches is perfect while nature is absolute and resorts are excellent. To better serves the beach lovers, more and more luxurious resorts are built in the area. Without a doubt, it’s highly inspiring to swim, sunbath, kayak, and zip line in the picturesque beaches of Quang Binh. Excitement, peace, and comfort seem to be boundless that makes Quang Binh Beaches the ideal place to rest.

Son Doong Cave

quang binh son doong caveBelonging to the amazing complex of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, Son Doong Cave has recently astounded the whole world. It is the world’s biggest known cave. The grandioseness of Son Doong is famous internationally thanks to the recognition by ABC Channel of America. People call it ‘the dreaming paradise’ that is ideal for discovery tours, and the adventurers want to discover it, but note that the discovery might not sound easy to everybody. The Cave challenges us. The discovery is not simply about sightseeing, but it requires good health and strong spirit to handle various geographical difficulties. Besides, you need to learn how to use protective equipment, cables, and cord before you go. Though Son Doong is quite challenging, it is worth the effort and the thrill-seekers surely appreciate the experience. More and more imposing pictures of Son Doong Cave have been shared online, proving the fact that each corner of the Cave is unique and spellbinding.

Discovery of Other Beautiful Caves

quang binh va caveProvided that Son Dong sounds too challenging to conquer, but you still love to explore nature in the zone of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, just proceed to the caves with ‘lower challenging level’ and shorter length right in Va Cave, Toi Cave, En Cave, Thien Duong Cave, and Tu Lan Cave, in compared to Son Doong. In particular, Va Cave is said to be more breathtaking than Son Doong, but the length is quite modest. Along with that, Thien Duong Cave is the pristine gem of Quang Binh, which is famous for the cool and fresh climate, the mesmerizing stalagmites and stalactites in the fantastic shapes, etc. Apparently, Quang Binh is very lucky to be blessed with such the magnificent cave system, making it the ‘existing heaven’ in Vietnam, where you just come to be there and do sightseeing, then all sadness will fly away.

Excitingly New and Enjoyable Activities in Quang Binh

Together with the memorable cave discovery and the relaxation on the pretty beaches, you can enjoy lots of exciting activities in Quang Binh.quang binh adventure activi

  • Jetski: You are fans of speed sport but be afraid of danger? Then, Jetski allows you to drive with high speed on the beaches with the challenging turns.
  • Fishing: This activity lets you relieve the mind via fishing and sightseeing. For instance, fishing in the captivating Mooc Spring is very wonderful. You can catch fish, shrimp, or crab there. Also, be parts of the fresh nature!
  • Sand-boarding: The white and vast sand hill at the height of 100m gives you the feeling to be in a big desert. So, just enjoy the game sand-boarding there to explore the sand hill of Quang Binh on your own!
  • Kayak: Kayaking is the best channel to experience the water world of Quang Binh. Along the kayaking route on Chay River, the scenery is so amazing while the river is friendly and smooth. Sail the kayak and you will see the different faces of Quang Binh: together with beaches, sand hill, river, and mountain, the destination is special with the local houses on both riversides.
  • Zip-line: This is the new game to play in Mooc Spring, and Chay River – Toi Lake. You enjoy zip-line at the certain height to view the picture landscapes freely and then jump into the blue water of the spectacular spring. Every detail is very amazing and memorable.
  • Collect Tram mushroom: If visiting Quang Binh in July or August, you get opportunities to pick Tram mushroom in the midst of forest and mountain. This is the special mushroom used to cook various local dishes. And, Tram mushroom soup is the appetizing folksy dish.
  • Relax in recreational establishments in Dong Hoi: Here you find lots of coffee shops and karaoke hubs to relax at night to fully discover Quang Binh nightlife. Enjoy your coffee, listen to soft music, and contemplate the beaches help you unwind.

How to Get to Quang Binh

  • Railway: You take a train from Hanoi to Dong Hoi Railway Station of Quang Binh. The train might take around 10 or 11 hours.
  • Long-distance coach: As Quang Binh is around 450km away from Hanoi, the long-distance bus on this route might take around 7 or 8 hours. In the same manner to visit Quang Binh by road, if possible, you can drive a car or motorbike there.
  • Airplane: It takes only 1 hour 30 minutes to arrive in Dong Hoi (Quang Binh) from Hanoi. Then, from Dong Hoi Airpot, you can get to the downtown by either bus or taxi.

The Best Time to Visit Quang Binh in Vietnam

Quang Binh has two major seasons: the dry season (from April to August with an average temperature of 250C) and the rain season (from September to March).

In the common thoughts, the dry season is the perfect time to see Quang Binh so that you have access to the natural gifts of the land: caves and beaches. In the comfortable and sunlight condition, you enjoy exploring Nhat Le Beach or Son Doong Cave greatly. No need to bring umbrella or raincoat as you face no rain from April to August!

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