Phu Yen is a coastal destination in the South Central Coast of Vietnam. It has the gifts of many appealing attractions that win the visitors’ praises. If you’re seeking for the picturesque easternmost province of Vietnam’s mainland, then proceed to Phu Yen!

About Phu Yen Destination

The capital of Phu Yen is Tuy Hoa City. This coastal province has the bordering of Binh Dinh Province to the North, Dak Lak and Gia Lai Province to the West, the East Sea to the East, and Khanh Hoa Province to the South. The presence of Cu Mong Pass in the North and Ca Pass in the South separates Phu Yen from the other provinces. The significant topography of Phu Yen includes the mountainous areas in the West and the fertile plain of Tuy Hoa in the East. Also, the principal river that runs across this province is Da Rang River which is the largest river in Central Vietnam. Naturally, the destination possesses the picturesque sceneries in the fairy O Loan Lagoon, Da Dia Reefs, Bai Xep Beach, Vung Ro Bay, etc. Thanks to the naturally spectacular landscapes, Phu Yen in Vietnam is the worthy destination that every backpacker and adventurer admire to see.

What to See in Phu Yen

Da Dia Reefs (Genh Da Dia)

Da Dia Reefs (Genh Da Dia)Da Dia Reefs are famous for the exotically structured rocks in which the arrangement of the big upright stones creates the star model. The nature lovers cherish this natural site much as it proves the perplexing and gorgeous riddle of Nature. None knows how long the stone sets are there, as it might be the results of the million-year-ago volcanic eruptions! And it stimulates imagination. Some say it looks like the gigantic beehive while the others believe it is the pile of stone plates. Attempts to counting the exact number of stone columns have also failed, and only the visible stones are known about 60-80cm. The mysterious and intriguing Reefs have been ranked as the National Heritage Site by the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture and Information since 1998.

Tu Quang Pagoda

Tu Quang PagodaThis is one of the most celebrated and ancient pagodas in Phu Yen. The Pagoda was erected in 1797, under the reign of King Quang Toan of the Tay Son Dynasty. Its location is on the 100m slopes of Da Trang Mountain, 20km north of Tuy Hoa City, offering the fascinating landscape. The pagoda also faces the tranquil Cai River and is surrounded by the age-old mango gardens. Throughout history, Tu Quang Pagoda has gone through several times of reconstruction. Today, you see the towers carved with many embellishing images, especially the four divine animals of Dragon, Unicorn, Turtle, and Phoenix. The short visit to this sacred pagoda enlightens every soul.

Vung Ro Bay

Vung Ro BayAround 25km from Tuy Hoa City, Vung Ro Bay is well-known for the beautiful surrounding of Hon Ba Mountains, making it the lovely enclosed Bay. This Bay can receive the ships whose weights are over 10,000 tons. Arguably, Ro Bay is one of the most mesmerizing seaside landscapes of the Central Vietnam. Along the coast are numerous pretty beaches and next to it is the Natural Preservation Area with the abundant flora and fauna. The travel to Vung Ro Bay is the absolutely exciting ecotourism trip that allows you to stay closest to nature. The wild and picturesque beauty in this little site urge everybody to swim in the emerald water, walk on the unspoiled beach, enjoy the fresh seafood, and sightsee the existing beach paradise.

Bai Xep Beach

Bai Xep BeachWith the length of 500m, Bai Xep Beach is the golden sandy beach whose charm goes beyond your expectation. The beach is just as charming as a beautiful girl. Though it remains little-known, its beauty can win every heart from the first sight. People prefer taking the romantic pictures and relaxing in peace here. That said, peace and romance are boundless in Bai Xep Beach, and everybody loves swimming in the clear, blue water here.

O Loan Lagoon

O Loan LagoonO Loan Lagoon becomes most colorful during the boat racing festival. The Lagoon itself is picturesque and tranquil, but then in the festive time, it seems to be awakened to present itself as exciting and dynamic. The best way to discover O Loan lagoon is, for sure, the boat trip. While boating, you uncover almost every corner of the mystic lagoon, feel its beauty, and record it.

Dai Lanh Lighthouse

Dai Lanh LighthouseFor the best place to see the earliest sunrise from the sea in Vietnam, then it is Dai Lanh Lighthouse. Around 35km from Tuy Hoa City, this Lighthouse allows you to feast the eyes on the amazingly earliest sunrise as wished. Then, its left side features the primitive Bai Mon Beach where to swim and play. The lighthouse experience plus the relaxing moments at the beach are just perfect for the dreaming picnics in Phu Yen.

Xuan Dai Bay

Xuan Dai Bay Xuan Dai Bay owns the incomparable beauty. To reach the Bay, you pass a fishing village which makes up the peaceful landscape and has fun with the fishermen. Also, the sunset on the Bay is wholesomely poetic and beautiful. Nearby this Bay is the Om Beach – the top-most camping destination for the backpackers!

How to Get to Phu Yen in Vietnam

By Air

Phu Yen Province is served by Tuy Hoa Airport. There are the daily flights from either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to this airport. Take it easy to book your favorite flight tickets! Besides, many tourists take Phu Yen the fascinating break that they can reach via the flights from Da Nang or Nha Trang.

By Road

Know that Tuy Hoa is around 1160km from Hanoi, 560km from Ho Chi Minh City, and 120km from Nha Trang! You take the National Highway No.1A to drive to the province. There are the options of tourist coaches, buses, or self-drive. The driving route is very scenic, and you’re assured to explore numerous highlights of Vietnam.

By Train

The North-South Express Train offers the way to Phu Yen Province and the stop at Tuy Hoa City. This is also the great option as the train ticket can be easily bought for a safe trip. It is best to purchase the ticket right at the train station. Otherwise, before you travel to Phu Yen, let the travel agents take it for you!

When to Visit Phu Yen

  • May – September: These months mark the summertime in Phu Yen Province, which is also the best time for Phu Yen Travel Package. It is when the sea becomes emerald and full of the delectable seafood. The best culinary options to have in Phu Yen might include ocean tuna, rice with chicken, shallot rice spaghetti, Chop Chai goat hotpot, etc. For the most satisfactory beach vacation in Bai Xep Beach or the greatest discovery of Vung Ro Bay, then the summer is the best time to pack and go. Please note that October and September are also the peak season in Tuy Hoa City that makes some of its beaches highly exciting!
  • October – April: These months are also ideal for you to explore Phu Yen, as the province is for the all-season tours. Nonetheless, please be aware of the downpour or storm in advance so that you can arrange for the impeccable journey! The beaches, bay, and lagoon in Phu Yen remain pristine and charming, but they might turn to unsafe when the storms come.