Hanoi is home of numerous pagodas scattered throughout that enrich humans’ spirituality effectively. Among these, Perfume Pagoda (also called Chua Huong or Huong Pagoda) is voted as the sacred destination for pilgrims from all walks of life.

The Huong Pagoda and Its Annual Religious Festival

The Perfume Pagoda is a huge complex of Buddhist temples and shrines constructed into the limestone Huong Tich Mountains. It is the great site with annually celebrated religious festival that attracts the huge number of pilgrims throughout Vietnam. The center of the Huong Temple (or Perfume Temple) situates in Huong Son Commune, My Duc District, Hanoi.

The yearly event that makes Perfume Pagoda famous worldwide is Huong Pagoda Festival. Have you ever heard anything about this momentous festival? Whether or not you have encoutered this name, it’s admitted that this annual Festival is worth experiencing for wholesome spiritual balance. To the locals, the Festival definitely empowers them to stay balanced and relaxed once participated.

Annually, the festival lasts for 3 months. In fact, it’s officially begun from the 6th day of the 1st lunar month to the 15th day of the 3rd month in Lunar Calendar. Besides, the main festive days take place from the 15th to the 20th day of the 2nd lunar month. Note the time frame so that you join in the event as expected. With legendary history related to a kind-hearted princess named Dieu Thien who had absolute passion for Buddhism and got rewarded or canonized as Goddess of Mercy. For the purpose of worshipping her, Huong Pagoda and its festival came into practice.

In Perfume Pagoda, the Festival is held with ceremonial rituals of incense offering while the monks and Buddhists distribute incense, candles, flowers, and fruits to the others; plus, the two monks may also give decent dances. In regards to entertaining activities, it’s feasible to have boat sailing along Yen Stream to contemplate the natural scenes, climb mountain, and explore some hallowed caves. People believe that climbing up to the Peak of Huong Tich Mountain, where is covered with white apricot flowers sometimes, enables humans to get success, happiness, and fortune. The participants of Huong Pagoda Festival usually try to keep themselves as pure as possible in both physical and spiritual aspects. Therefore, if you arrive at Perfume Pagoda at the time of the festival, show your respect to Buddhism by behaving appropriately. Going on a pilgrimage for healthy spirituality is what Vietnamese people are willing to do. How about foreign visitors? If you’re likeminded, plan your time and proceed to Perfume Pagoda destination soon, but we recommend not going during its festival because that is very crowded!

In addition to the validity of the festival, this destination is also featured with stunning views over Ngu Nhac Mountain, Hoi Bridge, Prostrating Elephant Mountains, Dragon Boat, Phoenix Mountain, Drum Mountain, Buddhist Monk Mountain, and many others. Noticeably, the mountains are named after their shapes under the light of Buddhism. In general, Huong Pagoda is exceptional over any other places since it harmonizes the characters of a Buddhist architectural structure with the wondrous natural charm. Coming there, vacationers are granted chances to live in an animated ambiance of spring festival and also stay peaceful once paying respect to the benevolent Buddha. All sorrow and melancholy are removed freely.