Date: 31 Aug – 7 Sep 2016 | Party of 2 people: Lee Chun Seong (Malaysia) | 8-day Vietnam Private Tour

Me and my partner took an 8 days private photography tour (Hanoi-Duong Lam-Nghia Lo-Mu Cang Chai-Than Uyen-Y Ty-Hanoi-Halong Bay-Hanoi) to northwest of Vietnam with Indochina Charm Travel and we can say it is a truly remarkable eye opener trip giving us the best authentic experience we can ever wish for.

We book our Vietnam private tour and had our trip guided by Mr. Yang himself, everything is perfectly organized. Starting off with a good suggestion of itinerary, we were we able to experience the real vietnam culture, the daily life and activities of the vietnamese people.

A Big thank you to Mr. Yang. Guiding us throughout the entire trip, he made us feel safe even when we venture into remote private place and shooting the locals. Doing what he do best, He knows every bit and pieces of all the places. I can say there is nothing that we have missed. Not to mention all the good spot for photography, i can say we have been there on our trip. His commitment in providing the best service is second to none. We have had thunderstorm, flows of muddy water, slippery rocky track, flooded and blocked road. But all those didnt stop him from providing the best service to us.

The time and pacing for each activities and stops is very well planned. We have all the time we need to shoot and yet we did not miss any of the planned itinerary. And on the same time we still manage to absorb the feeling of being part of the locals, enjoying to scenery and environment.

The travelling from one location to another i can say its an itinerary by itself. From manuevering the traffic in Old Quarter to scenic paddy field in Mu Cang Chai to the amazing mountain pass of KhauPa to passing all the mountainous villages in Y Ty seeing the local tribes harvesting their crops to seeing the border of China just opposite a river, it is a memorable journey.

With a foodie tour being incorporate into the itinerary, we had the chance to experience some of the famous the local delicacy. From famous local bun cha in town to home hosted lunch in an ancient house in an ancient village to backstreet alley home made Banh Cuon to dinner in the cave, there is nothing short of a remarkable food treat.

The choice of hotel made is good. Each hotel is clean and comfortable. We are able to have a good rest every single night.

Hats off to Mr. Bing too the driver for entire trip for keeping us safe and relaxed. Very good pace driving around and it didnt feel as if we are rushing from one place to another or we are dangerously out maneureving the traffic.

If you are looking for a great photography tour, wanted an authentic vietnam experience, have some adventure in your trip cycling around local villages, hiking to see some of the best view, visiting some remote villages, kayaking around limestone island, having some great food, and most important, doing all this safely,relaxed and enjoyable, indochina charm is the place to look for.


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