It was reported that Pham Ngoc Minh, Chief Executive Officer of Vietnam Airlines, and Naresh Goyal, Chairman of India’s Jet Airways, have exchanged the documents of an agreement to open the non-stop or direct flights between the two counties from November 2014. Such the great news! Since Vietnam and Indian begin opening the direct flights, tourists from the two nations are encouraged to tighten their relationship better than ever before. Once the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) was signed, we have been waiting for the direct daily flight connecting Delhi and Mumbai to Ho Chi Minh City. The inked announcement by Naresh Goyal marked the harmonious cooperation between Indian and Vietnam from now on.

Direct Flights from India to Vietnam Are Open for Booking Now

Under the light of MoU, Vietnam Airlines and Jet Airways continue expanding their cooperation that gives passengers the extreme convenient flights on the daily basics through the international gateways of Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore. The impeccable combination of airline networks makes flights become easier and smoother. In addition to the non-stop flights, the two airlines also commit to coordinate in trade promotional activities that bring the direct air services closer to the citizens in the two countries.

Thanks to the opening of the direct air services, the Indian vacationers in Delhi and Mumbai can easily visit Ho Chi Minh City at any time they feel like. According to Mr. Goyal, the flights have now already accepted bookings to fly to Vietnam. The designated Airlines of Indian were reported as Spice Jet and Jet Airways that will be in charge of operating the regular flights to Vietnam.

In May 8th, 2014, the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam has allowed Jet Airways to do daily flight operation from winter schedule 2014/2015 within the route Bangkok – New Delhi – Ho Chi Minh City – Bangkok – New Delhi. How about the Vietnam Airlines? The company did announce to operate the non-stop flights between Vietnam and India in September 2015. That means the two companies will begin to share passengers to promote the seamless connection on direct flights from India to Vietnam and vice versa. Via the easy facilitation of one-step ticketing and baggage check-in, the passengers find it remarkably great to make a tour.

By teaming up with the new partner, Vietnam Airlines and Jet Airways will share their flights with each other according to the signed issues. As an illustration, Jet Airways will share Vietnam Airlines’ flights between Singapore/Bangkok/Hong Kong and Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh City or even the newly launched Singapore – Phu Quoc (Vietnam). Through the code-share flights, the two Airlines are opening a direct air route in the future.

In order to boost a strategic partnership between Vietnam and India, the leaders of the two countries have tried to promote the people-to-people connections in cultural, educational, and economical aspects. Right in this November, the India –Vietnam direct flights route is scheduled for the later convenient application. Why not book such the coherent flights? You’re always stimulated to make a contribution to the growth of peace between Vietnam and India.