Nui Chua National Park (also named “Rung Kho Ninh Hai”, “Rung Kho Phan Rang”, or “Rung Kho Han Nui Chua”) is located in Ninh Thuan Province, in the coastal area of south-central Vietnam. This protected zone is known for evergreen forest and natural highlights of mountains, streams, and beaches that make up beautiful sceneries for sightseeing and trekking. Do not miss Nui Chua National Park during your travel to Vietnam!

Scientific Information about Nui Chua National Park

  • Nui Chua National Park is located in Khanh Hiep and Khanh Hai Communes, Ninh Hai District, Ninh Thuan Province. Its map coordinate is 11°35′ – 11°48′ N, 109°04′ – 109°14′ E
  • The Park has an area of 29.865 hectares.
  • It is centered on Nui Chua Mountain. Its topography is mountainous with the elevation ranging from sea level to 1.040 meters at the highest peak of the mountain. The hydrological systems consist of short streams draining the steep slopes. Know that most of the streams will be dried during the dry time because this area receives the lowest rainfall in south-central Vietnam (only 650mm of rain per year).
  • In 1986, the Site was covered on Decision No. 194/CT of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers, dated 09 August 1986, decreeing the foundation of the 1.000-hectare Nature Reserve in An Phuoc (now Ninh Phuoc District) and naming “Rung Kho Phan Rang” ( MARD 1997).
  • During the mid-1990s, deciduous forest in this Park was widely destroyed. Therefore, Ninh Thuan Provincial DARD made a coastal zone further north, in the heart of Nui Chua Mountain, a suitable place for the Nature Reserve.
  • In 1997, the investment project for the renamed “Rung Kho Han Nui Chua Nature Reserve” was prepared by Forest Inventory and Planning Institute (Anon. 1997).
  • The investment project was later accepted by the MARD on 12 January 1998, according to the Decision No. 243/BNN-PTLN, and by Ninh Thuan Provincial People’s Committee on 01 April 1998 with Decision No. 659/QĐ-UBND.
  • Also in April 1998, the management board of the Nature Reserve was established, with 30 members of staff and 04 guard stations.
  • Based on the investment project, the Site had a total area of 29.673 hectares. However, the area was reduced to 24.353 hectares because an area of 5.320 hectares was transferred into the buffer zone. The area of 24.353 hectares included the Strict Protection Zone of 16.087 hectares, the Forest Rehabilitation Zone of 8.261 hectares, and the Administrative Service Subdivision of 5 hectares. Besides, the buffer zone of 11.200 hectares was identified.
  • On 09 July 2003, in pursuant to Decision No. 134/2003/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister, the Site was made the Nui Chua National Park National Park. The place is present in the list of the Special-use Forest to be established in 2010 by the FPD of MARD, with the approved area of 29.865 hectares.
Ethnic people living inside Nui Chua National Park

Ethnic people living inside Nui Chua National Park

Biology, Conservation, and Population Topics in Nui Chua Ninh Thuan

Nui Chua preserves the original vegetation mixture of the evergreen forest, semi-evergreen forest, and deciduous forest. Nonetheless, as mentioned, the majority of the natural forest in this Park was wiped out during the 1990s due to the overexploitation. At present, the remaining is the lower montane evergreen forest scattered in the north of the Park, at the elevation over 800m. The lower elevation is the area of the degraded and secondary forest. And, the south of the Park shelters the scrub governed by the thorny trees.

In 1994, Xuan Mai Forestry College surveyed the fauna of Nui Chua Ninh Thuan. The survey recorded a number of the globally concerned mammal and bird species which were the Black-shanked Douc Pygathrix nigripes, Asian Black Bear Ursus thibetanus, Siamese Fireback Lophura diardi, Sun Bear U. malayanus, Pygmy Loris Nycticebus pygmaeus, and Large-antlered Muntjac Muntiacus vuquangensis. The high population and the illegible hunting, however, made the current status of these species uncertain. In recent years, Nui Chua National Park in Ninh Thuan has been a highlight included in the surveys done by the WWF Indochina Program, which discovered that this Park is important for both terrestrial bio-diversity and the marine one. The place has beaches as nesting grounds for marine turtles while the fringing reefs are rich in marine species.

Regarding the conservation issues, statistics showed a total of 28.863 people living within the protected area, and 24.546 people living in the buffer zone. Most of them are the Kinh, Cham, and Ra-Glai ethnic communities. The socio-economic degrees of the locals are quite low, particularly the residents inside the Park. Matters of deforestation and unstable agriculture customs put pressure on the areas of natural forest and resources. Another issue is the severe climate which is prone to the forest fire. Since 2001, WWF Indochina Program has sponsored programs that local communities help monitor the marine turtles nesting on beaches.

Trekking in Nui Chua mountain

Trekking in Nui Chua mountain

Culture and Tourism in Nui Chua National Park Ninh Thuan

Around 30km from Phan Rang City, during the coastal route, Nui Chua National Park Ninh Thuan is an attractive tourist site that appeals to thrill-seekers, nature lovers, and photographers who want a wild discovery. Also, this is home to the King, Cham, and Ra-Glai ethnic groups, which provide visitors with opportunities to learn local culture and meet the ethnic people during the trekking trails. While cultural experiences are promising, the adventures are real.

You can contemplate the spacious grape gardens. Along the route to Nui Chua from Phan Rang, you’re likely to pass the locals’ large grape gardens. So, stop by any site, take pictures, listen to the how-to, and drink grape alcohol. Phan Trang is known for juicy grapes. What’s more, check-in the ideal backgrounds in Hang Rai. The place is surreal and featured with mysterious coral reef covered by moss, sea waves, and moss fields. From afar, the fields look similar to the giant green pearl. Next, go trekking Nui Chua Mountain at the elevation of 1.000m. The journey across different terraces is not easy, and it demands health and endurance to overcome six peaks of the mountain. Transparent beaches are also incomparable treasures to allure all beachgoers. Travel to Ninh Thuan, and be sure to get to Nui Chua National Park!