Luxurious resorts, impressive coral reef underwater, untouched beaches and compatible combination of modern buildings and entertainment areas are all exclusive features belonged to Nha Trang, which nowhere else can offer. In fact, Nha Trang puts its name in light thanks to an array of activities to do. Getting immersed into the cool fresh seawater helps you to revive. Come to this top choice, tourists get opportunities to relax in the heavenly retreat. Standing out as the golden pearl in Vietnamese tourism industry, Nha Trang is very happy to welcome all guests.

Nha Trang Overview

Apparently, Nha Trang is gifted with miles of exquisite white sandy beaches, over 19 offshore islands associated with mountains, which hugs the coastline. Know that Nha Trang’s seawater is best famous worldwide for its clearness! Meanwhile, the rich marine life and beautiful coral reefs make scuba diving and snorkeling in Nha Trang among the best entertainment water sports you must enjoy. Also experience boat trips to contemplate the islands around.

Remarkably, there are only few competitors in Vietnam that can join in the “beauty competitions” with Nha Trang when it comes to luxurious hotels, resorts, restaurants, nightlife, entertainment parks, etc. Whatever your taste and budget, this tourist spot can suit you impeccably; that is the reason why both domestic and foreign tourists put Nha Trang in the top priority. Located around 450km northeast of Ho Chi Minh City, it’s convenient to enjoy the daily flights to reach Nha Trang City. Besides, vacationers can travel there by either trains or buses. And if you start from the north, easily catch a bus or train from Da Nang. As the most popular seaside shelter, Nha Trang is very top choice for everyone domestically and internationally.

Top Tourist Attractions in Nha Trang That You Must Visit

First, Po Naga Cham Towers (known Thap Ba in Vietnamese), was constructed to worship the goddess Yang Ino Po Naga. The temple complex was built during Hindu period of Champa, made up from clay bricks and molasses mortar. The whole structure included a square tower with a 3-step pyramidal tower and 3-storey cone roof, which were best examples for Cham style. The goddess Po Nagar’s status is now featured with sandstone, cross-legged sitting, 10 hands, while each hand holds a certain object reflecting the Buddha’s power and intelligence. Thap Ba Festival is annually held from 20th to 23rd of the 3rd month in lunar calendar.

Next, Long Son Pagoda is renowned for 24-meter white Buddha statue, a significant symbol of Nha Trang, so don’t ignore this site! Along the route, stop by Alexandre Yersin Museum, where Yersin (the French medical pioneer who co-discovered an essential bacterium)’s scientific instruments are displayed. Of course, the allurement of Nha Trang never stops at that. Go on visiting Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography, in which thousands of marine creatures such as reef sharks, lionfish, turtles, sea horses, crabs, clownfish, etc., are housed. Plus, Tri Nguyen Aquarium is another spot you can see a rich collection of marine creatures. And if you want to obtain the absolute relaxation, proceed to Thap Ba Hot Mineral Spring where you can soak in the hot mineral water and hot mud baths. Furthermore, get amused in Vinpearl Land and various islands in Nha Trang to fulfill your holiday impeccably.

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