Beaches in Vietnam have long stood out as the ideal destinations for the beach lovers nationwide and worldwide. To effectively promote the nice fame of the Vietnam Beach Vacation that suits the visitors’ growing demands, the nation’s beaches have changed their faces day after day. While some changes are positive, the others may embrace the negative feeling due to the uncontrollable impact of the natural disasters.

In fact, the beach holiday in Vietnam has the competent potentials to satisfy all kind of tourists with the immense blue sea, white sand, spectacular coastline, transparent and cool/warm seawater, the colorfully authentic coral reef, the rich marine life, etc.

Everything you seek for a happy beach vacation can be fantastically found in Vietnam beaches. In the recent years, some of the Vietnam’s best beaches and islands have received the huge investment and improvement with numerous luxurious resorts, restaurants, and hotels. Each hot spot has its exclusive updates that the tourists should differently take notice of.

Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island

Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island are the two reputable beach vacation destinations in Vietnam where the overnight cruise is always the #1 service favored by all of the new guests. Here, you surely find lots of resorts that are specifically designed for the young tourists and the backpackers because of its simple convenience and the not-very-clear seawater today. Especially after the terrible invasion of the flood and storm in Quang Ninh recently (end of July 2015), the mud from the coal mine flows into the Halong Bay that somehow may ruins its turquoise water. You are advised to check carefully with local specialist before deciding to book your resort stay.

Da Nang Beaches

Da Nang is blessed with many clear and exquisite beaches where host the hotels of 3, 4, and 5 stars that totally suit the tourists’ demand, preference, and budget. As Da Nang City is one of the most worth living cities in Vietnam and also in the whole world, it welcomes the huge number of visitors coming every day. At present, besides the significant inflow of the domestic tourists, the praiseworthy city is also favored by the majority of the Asian travelers who mainly come from South Korean, Japan, and China. 

Hoi An Ancient Town

Being historically preserved as the ancient and laid-back town, Hoi An still sounds magnetic to the European and American tourists who hold the strong passion for the town’s highlights of the tranquil town, colorful lanterns, community house, ceramics village, beautiful beach, resorts and hotels. In reality, Hoi An has lots of the nice hotels (4 and 5 stars) of the famous international hotel chains like Victoria, Life, Swiss-Belhotel International, etc.

Along the road to Cua Dai Beach, there stand many luxurious restaurants, shops, and hotels. However, it’s worth pointing out that several of the beach resorts today do offer beaches, but not the bathing places, because of the natural disasters in several recent years. Therefore, you’d better do the careful check and investigation with the travel counselor whenever you intend to book a certain tour to Hoi An.

Nha Trang Beaches

Nha Trang has long been the traditional destination for beach vacation since years. The number of the 4-and-5-star hotels in the Nha Trang beaches has increased drastically and immeasurably. Anyhow, the radiant beaches here are still preserved for the public’s friendly use. Hosting numerous highlights of beaches, Vinpearl Land, islands, mineral spring, etc., Nha Trang has the full competence to become the worthwhile destination for sightseeing, resting, and playing. The natural spots here completely suit the requirements of all the budget individuals, luxury couples as well as the incentive groups.

Phan Thiet – Mui Ne Beach

Mui Ne Beach is the big gem of Phan Thiet that is most frequently chosen by the beach fanciers who look for the ideal shelter to rest, get entertained, and avoid the life bustle. Here, you see a variety of the 3-and-4-star resorts that features the affordable prices. Besides, the extremely convenient means of transportation from Ho Chi Minh City to Phan Thiet and Mui Ne Beach encourages the guests worldwide to experience the day tour to this idyllic shelter. You can take the open bus from Ho Chi Minh City with the ticket price of 10$/pax to reach the desired beach in the convenient and economic manner.

Phu Quoc Island

With the fantastic construction of Vinpearl Resort Phu Quoc and many other tourism projects, Phu Quoc Island seems to lose its primitive form and attractiveness. Phu Quoc today becomes crowded with many tourists, especially the luxury guests who are willing to pay more to get treated with the world-class services. But if you’re thirsty for the quiet and romantic places to rest or say the words of the hearts with your dreaming life mates, luckily, you can peacefully achieve this need via the comfortable rest on the Mango Bay Resort and La Veranda Resort.

Con Dao Island

Perhaps, it is the good news for you to know that Con Dao Island is successful in preserving its pristine charm and untouched highlights. Therefore, if you desire for the superb privacy and quietness, this primitive island is the very compatible choice. Just explore its originality before the island is put under any modernization-related change! You will get refreshed with the absolute greenness in the island and the simple way of living of Con Dao people.

Final Words: In order to stay away from the unwanted and unexpected troubles during your beach vacation in any of the Vietnam best beaches as suggested above, you are always advised to seek help and support from the local travel experts. Their good counsel makes sure that you get the needful assistance at the right time. Hence, do feel free to ask to get updated when you land in the beautiful S-shaped country as some of the friendliest people on earth are living here.

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