Morning Fish Market in Hoi An
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If you can wake up early, the fish market in Hoi An is a very special feature that you should not miss. During the night, all of the fishing boats head out to sea to fish, and they all head back to the town in the early morning after a hard night. Hoi An is very famous for the best fish in this area, so in the early morning, hundreds of people rush to this wholesale market for the best buys of the day. In the past, the fish market was located in the town right at the central market of Hoi An. Because it became too busy in this small area, the local authority of the town decided to move the fish market to Cam Ha, about 2.5 kms from the town. The market is very exciting and busy from 5 to 7 AM everyday.

People in the market are always in a hurry and concentrated on their business, so no one cares about your appearance there. The best way to visit the market is to come here around 6 AM and be a part of this dynamic place. Just walk into the crowd and mix with them. You may be pushed or you may have to push someone to move around, but no one is offended. It is the way things work in the market, so just go with the flow.

One of the beautiful spots of the market is at the waterfront, where you can see all the busy activities of people buying and loading fish from the boats. It is very noisy, hurried and crowded, but everyone tries their best to get the best deal of the day. The boats anchor, one next to the other, like a big floating market connected to the shore. There are lots of photo opportunities in this area.

Wandering around Hoi An fist market, you can see different stalls for selling different kinds of fish. People are all working at the same hurried pace and trying their best to do their daily business. Some people push and shout as they conduct their business but not in an aggressive way. It seems to be a very normal thing here. You can find good spots for good pictures everywhere, and you will enjoy watching the motorbikes taking fish to retail markets during the day.

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