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Anybody who has ever explored Hanoi will possibly claim that it is among the greatest cities in Asia which is pictured with historic and cultural ingredients since people here have settled along the Red River for decades.

Basic Information to Digest about Hanoi

First of all, it’s informed that Hanoi is a capital of Vietnam and situates at the North. It’s measured as the second largest city after Ho Chi Minh City and the most significant political center and also the second biggest city with high density of population. In the new era, Hanoi is now developing and is on quick development with the innovative and convenient infrastructure in the urban sectors. Numerous modern buildings have been constructed due to the developing economy that has changed the capital’s appearance positively. In regards to Vietnam tourism, Hanoi ranks among the major tourist attractions with rich collections of Ho Chi Minh Stilts-House, Old Quarter, Museum of Ethnology, Fine Art Museum, Hoan Kiem Lake, One Pillar Pagoda, Temple of Literature, etc. 

Due to the engaging history and advantageous geographical locations, Hanoi welcomes every vacationer in the world to explore its merits at all times. Lied on the Red River Delta, the charm of Hanoi destination is colorfully valued with the senses of peace and calmness. Have you ever felt curious about the name “Hanoi”? Whether or not the answer is the big YES, it’s answered that Hanoi means “the hinterland between the rivers” alluring to the fact that this city is extremely tranquil and restful. Nowadays, transportation to Hanoi is made easy and convenient with a wide array of vehicles such as taxi, public bus, motorbike, and pedicab. In most cases, the new visitors are advised to get a taxi for the safer and more comfortable stay.

In broader contexts internationally, Hanoi is one of the finest cities in Asia with elegant buildings and crowded streets. Yet, it’s full of trees so the overall impression is said to be harmonious and compatible. Besides, there stand a wide variety of brightly colored shops, houses, and a complex of ancient temples.

What Kinds Of Holiday Are Perfect In Hanoi Capital?

Almost all visitors fall in love with Hanoi in days and nights since the Capital is featured with energy, charm, cuisine, and romance that are highly compatible for explorers, gourmets, and honeymooners. If you’re travelling as a culinary tourist, don’t forget to call for Pho associated with many other typical street foods in nearly every corner.

As already noted, Hanoi is spotted with many remarkable highlights which set the perfect frames for your further exploration to Vietnam. Hanoi is easily discovered on foot. Happily spend a morning time navigating around the cityscapes or Hanoi’s Old Quarter may indulge your expectation on a number of occasions which are featured with old buildings and also contemporary structures and high technology as well. When it comes to resting time, have absolutely sound sleep at Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi, Movenpick Hanoi, Church Boutique Hotel, Essence Hotel, and many others. Visitors never feel bored of Hanoi in Vietnam since the capital does a good job in pleasing, entertaining, and supporting her guests almost any time they choose it as a top tourist destination.

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