Mai Chau is a mountainous district of Hoa Binh Province and located at around 160 km from Hanoi. The heavenly scenarios of Mai Chau win everybody’s interest in its natural gifts. The land houses special culture of many minorities available there, like white Thai and black Thai, Muong tribes, associated with many stilt houses made of timber and bamboo. Particularly, the stilt houses have 10 – 12 feet off the ground aiming to avoid water destruction and shelter animals from the bases.

Why Do Tourists Visit Mai Chau?

Though different tourists come to Mai Chau with different purposes and reasons, there stand two most common motivations that draw people to this mountainous area: to photograph the wonderfully natural scenes and to meet friendly people. In general, Mai Chau Tour Packages cover the homestay experiences at the stilt house, new enjoyment with unique foods and wonderful trekking routes. As a big house of minorities, Mai Chau grants you chances to study the traditional dance of Thai people featured with bamboo tools.

Thanks to its proximity to Hanoi, Mai Chau is noted with government’s improving tourist facilities. From then, the district’s tourism is fulfilled with spectacular villages; more interestingly, trekking in the spring at Mai Chau valley enables you to get immersed into a horizon covered with pink and purple peach blossoms and flowers. Great sense of purity helps vacationers to stay relaxed, balanced and healthy during the tour packages.

Anybody that wants to run away from bustling city life is encouraged to explore Mai Chau as it is peacefully created with rice field and natural ambiance. When arriving at Mai Chau Valley, expect to discover the authentic caves and grottoes namely Mo Luong Cave, Pieng Kem Grotto, Chieu Cave and plus visit archaeological spots including Lang Cave and Khau Phuc Cave. Additionally, the idyllic valley is marked with emerald mountains and clouds, making it a perfect retreat for all kinds of vacationers. When you’re standing on the summit of the Cun Mountain, the thing that thrills you first are the panoramic Mai Chau stilt houses together with a rich green valley. Besides, another interesting experience is about the warm hosts of ethnic groups.

In regards to Mai Chau homestay, most tourists decide to stay overnight at stilt houses in order to experience real life of ethnic tribe people. These special accommodations are reported to be roofed with palm leaves and the floors are built with bamboo. Noticeably, the kitchen is located in the house’s center. Among villages available for homestay, Van Village is authentic enough to fulfill this new experience.

For more comfortable and personal stay, the 4-star Mai Chau Ecolodge is a very top choice. Furthermore, there are two alternative options including Sol Bungalows and Mai Chau Lodge Hotel. After undergoing several dramatic changes, Mai Chau conditions now are improved with awesome combination of breathtaking nature and hospitable people. In fact, the region never stops standing out as a welcoming destination for tourists. Again, here are the most exciting activities to do in Mai Chau destination: walking tour around Thai Villages, biking, kayaking, boat trip, visiting Thai ethnic museum, 1000-step cave, and savoring local cuisine.

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