Co To Island is usually present in the list of the best islands in Halong Bay Vietnam for the second-to-none trip. The destination prefers to the paradise of sea and sand where you get immersed into the enchanting sceneries. There is no lack of excitement there as you can do lots of exciting things.

Get to Know Co To Island

The Co To Island is often included in the Halong Bay Cruise Itinerary which set apart some hours for exploring this imposing site. Being untouched and stunning, this highlight of Nature owns the unbeatable seascapes with the smooth sand bank, transparent jade sea, and blue sky. All natural ingredients are well combined for the best settings of a beach vacation in Halong Bay that you might ever dream of, believably. Note that the accommodation there might lack the sense of luxury, as most options lead you to the guesthouses. This point ensures that Co To is still virgin and lovely, indeed.

Boat trip to Co To Island

Boat trip to Co To Island

The Best Things to Do in Co To Island

First, roam around Co To Island by hiring a motorbike. There are some hidden yet enchanting corners that you might love to see on your own. So, just drive to contemplate the entire scenarios of the pure island and enjoy the sea breeze. Take your time stopping by some favorite attractions, from the local houses to the picturesque beaches and the impressive lighthouse. The Co To Lighthouse is where to spread the eyes freely towards the panoramic Co To. You have to climb 72 steps from the bottom to the top of the lighthouse. The rewards for this tremendous effort are the dreamlike town, dense and fresh forest, and modest houses.

Second, make sure you have fun at the exquisite beaches such as Van Chai Beach, Hong Van Beach, and Bac Van Beach. The pointed names are primeval and less touristy than elsewhere which shower you the opportunities to relax in the serenely imposing settings. The jade sea and friendly wave might inspire you to swim and play water sports at first sight. Enjoy more exciting activities related to the valuable beaches such as night squid fishing and BBQ seafood party. The caught squid might turn to be the delicious dishes for the party. Lots of relaxing moments with grilled dishes and broad sea will exhilarate you from the bottom of the heart.

White sand beach at Co To Island in Halong Bay

White sand beach at Co To Island in Halong Bay

Third, if you are going to the island with the beloved, it must be the sweet trip in the stress-free and beautiful Co To Love Road which is around 2km long and red bricklaying. Just hold each other’s hand and go for a walk along the road or recline on your sweetheart’s shoulder while cherishing the songs of the wind and sea wave, the green forest, yellow sunlight, and red bricks. Sometimes, the simple and small activities bring the big happiness. The romance there is not less than any romantic Korean film.

Fourth, buy the fresh seafood in Co To Island. Seafood is the main strength of this virgin island, so make sure you eat enough seafood right on the spot and buy some for home. In particular, fish and squid are the two most frequently bought items and can be found very fresh at the market or the port. Kilograms of squid and fish have been being purchased day after day. And, you might also love the scenes filled with many boats and fishnets. After the successful dealing, know that the merchants will pack and ice the seafood for you to bring home conveniently. That way helps the products remain fresh and delicious, regardless of the hours of transferring to home. Anyhow, if you don’t want the fresh seafood, then think of the one-sun-dried squid – the hot item of the land!

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