Right in Ninh Binh province, Thung Nham Eco Tourist Site grows as the magnetic natural attraction for vacationers of all nationalities that together share the endless passion for the charm of nature. So long as you’re keen on eco-tourism, Thung Nham stands out as one of the best spots to visit. Situated 30km to Ninh Binh, Thung Nham features the wild beauty of both impressive mountains and tranquil rivers. When taking some initial steps into Thung Nham, you will be amazed at its grandiose ingredients from Buddha Cave to Mermaid Cave and many others. On a whole, the site draws out a romantic picture of nature that none can ignore.

What Makes Thung Nham Eco Tourist Site Magnetic?

Want to escape from the bustling life? It’s time to take your baggage and make a trip to Thung Nham Eco Tourist Site. Evolving the friendly natural ambiance, the site welcomes the domestic and foreign tourists to spend time exploring its rich highlights including Buddha Cave, The Moving Banyan Tree, Underwater Palace, Mermaid Cave, Orchards, The Thousand-year-old Tree, The Three-girls Cave, and Bird Garden. Since there is a long lake along the route, the vacationers will spend an hour on the boat to get into the wholly dark cave. Please note that flashlight seems to be the only way to light!

The entire space is covered with calmness and peace. When setting foot here, you’re granted chances to get immersed into the relaxed and undisturbed zone. Leaving the cave, the vacationers keep going forward following the synthesis of ecological architecture. Since this an eco-tour, there are many virgin mountains and forests surrounding the valley. Along with that, it can’t help mentioning the impressive orchard farms here. Remarkably, there stands a small island in the middle of the lake that houses thousands of birds.

Arguably, Thung Nham in Ninh Binh is the natural palace promoting the everlasting passion for the charm of nature. All tourists find it peaceful and relaxed when staying here. Thanks to the new kind of tourism, the destination attracts the huge number of tourists on the daily basics. It is estimated that Thung Nham did amass about 200 visitors per day. Especially, it stands out as the magnetic spot for many vacationers at weekends. In the advantageous geographical spot, the eco tourist site has begun selling the countless number of tickets for the worldwide vacationers.

Informatively, Thung Nham belongs to Trang An Ecological Tourism Complex that receives the rich flow of tourists investing money and energy in. Proudly speaking, the number of international visitors coming here has been increased dramatically that motivates the tour operators to organize and create more and more attractive tours to Thung Nham.

Tour to Thung Nham Bird Garden for Primitive Nature

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