Con Dao is an island group in the East Sea of Vietnam. There are 16 islands in Con Dao Archipelago, and among these, Con Son is the largest one. Right from Ho Chi Minh International Airport, it’s very easy to reach Con Son Island within 1 hour. Since the islands are mainly occupied by fishermen and farmers, expect to enjoy the pure scenarios! People come to Con Dao islands mostly for its natural enchantment and historical values. In Con Son, you can find the prisons called “Tiger Caves” which were used during the French colonial era. Besides, there exist many remnants of the gruesome past scattered throughout the island. In regards to the natural beauty, expect to enjoy the deserted sandy beaches, forested hills, hidden lagoons, and large coral reefs. The islands also gain fame for its National Park, where preserves the interesting wildlife.

A Complete Guide on Con Dao Islands Tour Packages

Informatively, Con Dao Island has been recognized by the New York Times, ranked it as #7 best beaches of the world in Lonely Planet Travel Guide, and the 7th best place to visit in Vietnam.

First, looking for ways of getting in and around Con Dao Islands! On the far north end of the islands, Con Son Airport is a little out of the way. Hence, to arrive at the town, you need to book a hotel beforehand in order to get a pickup service of busses. In the islandish regions, you can hire car with driver, but know that the main town is little small with some lovely houses and shops, so you can visit them within walking distance.  It’s also possible to getting around the destination by bicycles or motorbikes at the affordable prices.

Second, doing researches about what to see and do in the natural paradise! Of course, Con Son Island is a must-visit spot, where you come for historical senses by witnessing the historic relics and prisons. A short visit to the Revolutionary Museum is also informative. Whether you experience a biking or walking tour, Con Dao Islands welcome you to go see its corners from national park to harbors and beaches. The tourists get various opportunities for hiking, diving, snorkeling, and camping. For the safe hikes, the newcomers may need the guide’s help. Then, Bay Canh Island is another place to explore. It is the biggest Turtle Sanctuary in Vietnam, where the national breeding program for turtles is run. And if you wish to see how the turtles laying eggs, have an overnight trip from June to August. In addition, there are many very nice and untouched beaches around which are totally uninhabited. Luckily, you can reach these islands by renting a speedboat in hours.

Third, knowing where to stay when you’re in Con Dao Islands! Since you’re on islandish tours, the accommodations in Con Dao are more expensive than in the mainland. Anyhow, add these names into your bucket: The Six Senses Resort, Saigon Con Dao, ATC Resort, and Con Dao Resort. These luxurious resorts are well-equipped with modern amenities and they offer the bay view rooms with the higher fees. The locals also run many mini hotels to serve the tourists who come with small budget.