Ta Kou Nature Reserve is located in Binh Thuan Province, in the south-central of Vietnam. This protected area has been made a well-known Vietnam tourist destination included in most tours to Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan. The place preserves primitive forests and green landscapes that attract visitors.

Scientific Information about Ta Kou Nature Reserve

  • Ta Kou (or Ta Cu) Nature Reserve is located in Ham Thuan Nam District, Binh Thuan Province, in the coastal zone of south-central Vietnam. It has the map coordinate as 10°41′ – 10°53′ N, 107°52′ – 108°01′ E
  • It has an area of 11.886 hectares, including the Strict Protection Zone of 3.521 hectares, Ecological Rehabilitation Zone of 7.715 hectares, and Administrative Service Subdivision of 630 hectares.
  • It belongs to the ecological agriculture region of Southeastern Vietnam.
  • This Nature Reserve was established in 1996 in pursuant to the Decision No. 791/TTg of the Prime Minister dated October 26th, 1996.
  • The Board Management of Ta Kou Nature Reserve was founded on March 19th, 1997 by the Binh Thuan Provincial People’s Committee. The Board included 18 members of staff at the headquarters and 05 guard stations which were under the management of Binh Thuan Provincial FPD (2000).
  • Ta Kou was in the list of the Special-use Forests in 2010 prepared by the PFD of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FPD 2003).
The flora at Ta Kou Nature Reserve

The flora at Ta Kou Nature Reserve

Biology, Conservation, and Local Residence Topics in Ta Kou Binh Thuan

Ta Cu Nature Reserve recorded 751 species of plant and 178 species of mammals, including some rare and endangered species listed in Vietnam’s Red Book (Management Board of Ta Kou Nature Reserve, 2003). According to the statistics, the natural vegetation types of Ta Kou Binh Thuan are the evergreen forests and the deciduous forests.

However, deforestation is a matter in Ta Kou that needs the solutions to protect the forests and stop the locals from hunting and stealing firewood. Also, there are around 20-40 cases of forest fire per year, which makes forest fire a serious matter to take into consideration.

The Binh Thuan Provincial FPD measured 504 people living within the area of Ta Kou Nature Reserve, and 43.875 people living in the “buffer” zones. It’s obvious that the local residences’ livelihood mostly depends on the natural resources inside the Nature Reserve. The major threats to the bio-diversity are said to be the deforestation for agriculture, hunting, over-exploitation of the forest products, and charcoal production.

Cable car to Ta Kou Tourist Site

Cable car to Ta Kou Tourist Site

Tourism in Ta Cu Nature Reserve Binh Thuan

Around 170km from Ho Chi Minh City, Ta Kou is a green destination for visitors to get steer of the city bustle and find peace amid the evergreen forests, plus the magnificent mountains and historical Buddhist sites. If you get to the Ta Cu Mountain tourist site which is 649m above the sea level, it’s recommended to try the cable car for the panoramic view of the greenness. You’re likely to pass many age-old trees which make up the fantastic scenery. Especially in the spring season, the apricots beautify the whole forest scenes while the transparent stream is flowing through the rocks. This makes up the captivating corners to take pictures.

Buddha Statue at Ta Kou Mountain tourist site

Buddha Statue at Ta Kou Mountain tourist site

Start a journey to Ta Kou Nature Reserve Binh Thuan to cherish the green beauty highlighted with natural vegetation types and rare species of plants and mammals. In fact, Ta Kou is ranked as one of 221 most important Nature Reserves in the world that needs urgent protection. Together with natural highlights, this Site is known for the hot spring named Bung Thi and many revered Buddhist sites to do worshipping. Not only does it attract nature lovers, but also the pilgrims who appreciate the pristine and peaceful atmosphere in Ta Kou. Get there soon!